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Kharkiv region is ready for elections; Order of May 25 will provide 4th. Policemen; Ukraine warns of provocations during the election; The prosecutor's office has promised to provide transparent elections; Traffic police will not tolerate electoral offences; The detained Russian sniper; Monument to Lenin is now under 24 hour surveillance; In Kharkiv oblast wages; The doctors did not an update upon the return of Kernes.

Konstantin Dolgov fled to Crimea and promised a referendum in Kharkiv; Kharkiv region fenced off with checkpoints from Lugansk region; Yulia Tymoshenko visited Kharkiv region; Gennadiy Kernes: the talks about decentralization of power must be followed by actions; Kharkiv authorities are against an ubiquitous placement of Ukrainian symbolism; Arsenal of weapon was confiscated from a Kharkiv region resident; Law enforcers are ready for provocations during elections.