Digest of events 22.05.14

Kharkiv region is ready for elections; Order of May 25 will provide 4th. Policemen; Ukraine warns of provocations during the election; The prosecutor's office has promised to provide transparent elections; Traffic police will not tolerate electoral offences; The detained Russian sniper; Monument to Lenin is now under 24 hour surveillance; In Kharkiv oblast wages; The doctors did not an update upon the return of Kernes.

Kharkiv region is ready for elections

During the briefing, the Chairman of Kharkov regional state administration Igor Baluta, the press-service of the HOAG. As of May 21 in Kharkiv region recorded 2 146 thousand million. 883. Also created 14 territorial election commissions: 7-7 in the city of Kharkov, the Kharkov area. Of them created 1689 polling stations: 1594, 95 special.

Order of May 25 will provide 4th. Policemen

As the head of the regional department, police Colonel Anatoly Kuznetsov, militia units, every effort is made to ensure that presidential elections will be conducted in a calm atmosphere, and every citizen should be able to take advantage of the Ukrainian Constitution guarantying the right of free expression.

«We have carefully reviewed the situation in the area, and have carried out detailed calculations to ensure law and order at every polling station, said the head of the regional police. At present, all the polling places are already under 24-hour protection. Policemen at polling stations will serve from the moment of that the ballots are delivered.

Anatoly Dmitriev also noted that on Election Day and during the counting of votes that policemen will be present to protect law and order outside the premises for voting. In addition, on call will be the President, the Vice-President or Secretary of the Commission. Law enforcement officers will be able to go into the area to restore law and order and during the time required for such action. The election employees of internal affairs agencies will escort the ballots to the polling places on specially designed itineraries.

«Our calculation of forces and capabilities, taking into account the maximum involvement of law enforcement»,– said Anatoly Kuznetsov. – It is planned to employ almost 4 thousand policemen and to have sufficient reserves to deploy in any contingency as it occurs. Also they have created the necessary contingency reserve».

Ukraine warns of provocations during the election

Management of the SSU has been provided with information about possible picketing, and people trying to influence the free will of the citizens on the Election Day for the election of a President of Ukraine. Based upon this information, the head of the SECURITY SERVICE of UKRAINE in the Kharkov region, Alexander Brewer, is prepared to respond in accordance with the law, stated the press-service of the HOAG.

«Established investigation groups reinforced the SSU, which now have a 24-hour alert, and additional mobile teams on all fourteen constituencies. They will serve until the end of the electoral process», – said Alexander Brewer.

The prosecutor's office has promised to provide transparent elections

The Kharkiv oblast Prosecutor's Office has received no requests from the parties and other parties in the electoral process, said the Prosecutor of Kharkov oblast Vasilij Sinchuk. He noted that prosecutors are preparing for elections of the President of Ukraine since the publication of the law «on early elections of the President of Ukraine», the press-service of the HOAG.

«The public prosecutor's Office established a working group for mobile response to offences related to the election of the President of Ukraine. We are available 24 hours a day in mobile contact to provide legitimate, transparent elections. I have a strong belief that we will make this happen», – said Vasily Sinchuk.

Traffic police will not tolerate electoral offences

Today was held the working meeting of the Kharkiv public prosecutor Vasily Sinčuka with traffic police, stated the press service of the Ministry of internal affairs. The event was also attended by the head of the TRAFFIC POLICE DEPARTMENT of Ukraine in the Kharkov region militia Colonel Igor Shwidkiy and Chief of the public security Department of the MINISTRY of militia Colonel Vitaly Guz.

With instructions to the head of the Kharkiv POLICE Department Igor Shwidkiy, who reiterated that each employee must understand the responsibility for their actions, respect the law and only on the basis of making all decisions on the road. Igor Sinčuka and Basil Shwidkiy assured that the traffic policemen will not allow any violation of public dis order during the presidential election.

The detained Russian sniper

A citizen of the Russian Federation could not clearly answer why he entered the Ukraine. The border patrol detained the 34-year-old man at the station «Kharkiv-passazhirskiy», informs the MG «objective».

According to the Ukrainian border service», – he was driving in eastern regions of Ukraine with the aim of destabilizing the situation and participation in illegal armed formations».

During the additional monitoring, border guards found out that the man was a sniper during the first and second Chechen campaign and recently went through coaching and intensive training in Rostov-na-Donu. Detainee was handed over to the SBU, in which the detainee with be questioned and further investigation conducted.

Monument to Lenin is now under 24 hour surveillance

At freedom square the government has installed new cameras with high resolution, allowing all events to be monitored and all activity to be recorded.. The head of the regional division of militia Anatoly Kuznetsov, writes «City watch».

«We bought a new camera. Now we can see perfectly monitor the situation around the Lenin monument, the constant monitoring will all the police to have better evidence to convict perpetrators. Therefore, all people who violate public order will be detained and prosecuted. Therefore, I would like to warn people that any public disorder will not be tolerated», – said Dmitriev.

In Kharkiv oblast wages

In Kharkov and Kharkov region when compared with corresponding months of the previous year's wages, they have increased by 3.6%. This was reported in the Directorate 057 statistics of Kharkiv region.

The average salary of one full-time employee of companies, institutions and organizations of the region in March 2014 amounted UAH 3071, 2.5 times higher than the level of the minimum wage (1218 UAH).

According to the State statistical analysis on labor, wages above 3500 UAH has increased in Kharkiv region only in every fourth and salary above 5000 UAH-every ninth citizen.

The doctors did not an update upon the return of Kernes

As the report details, Gennadiy Kernes has already been able to be moved into a wheelchair. Doctors have stated that the long term recovery for the Mayor needs to be more carefully observed and he needs sufficient time to properly recover. They said that the bullet injured his spine, so the consequences could be unpredictable if his recovery is not monitored closely. They are not willing to say exactly when the Kharkiv Mayor will be able to leave Israel and return to the workplace.
Today, however, Gennadiy Kernes has posted a new picture via Instagram itself labeled «Struggled and I will be right back».

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