Digest of events, 12.05.2014

Yuriy Apukhtin: Referendum in Kharkiv will be held; Novodvorskaya: In Kharkiv there are not enough traitors to imitate "Referendum"; Deputy chairman of the Сrimean council of ministers expects "referendum" in Kharkiv region; Gennadiy Kernes: I am capable of managing the city distantly; Dolgov did not appear in court; Court left Topaz in jail; Former “Berkut” Patrol the doads in Kharkiv region; Aeroflot will not fly to Donetsk and Kharkiv until May 31.

Yuriy Apukhtin: Referendum in Kharkiv will be held

About their desire to hold a referendum in Kharkiv on May 11 pro-Russian activists declared at the end of April. The leader of "South-East" Yuriy Apukhtin promises that the referendum will happen in Kharkiv, however, he admits that now nothing is prepared as, according to Mr. Apukhtin, the local government has done everything possible not to let the referendum take place. 

"We fully support the referendums that were held in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. But in these areas I have not found the answer to the main question: what is next? - says Apukhtin. - We are not talking that we surely want to secede from Ukraine. But, what issue will be on the ballot depends on the actions of the current government as well as on the situation in the region, the country and the world. If the referendum needs power support, it will receive it, believe me. And I 'm not talking about the inhabitants of the neighboring regions, but about Kharkiv residents, many of whom have been longing to move to action for quite a while".

Novodvorskaya: In Kharkiv there are not enough traitors to imitate "Referendum"

Russian oppositionist, dissident and writer Valeria Novodvorskaya:

“To all inhabitants of the south-east of Ukraine, who are so eager to become a part of Russia, I will say one thing - you are bad citizens of any state because traitors are despised everywhere. I'm sure if someone gives more than Russia, you will quickly declare another "referendum".
“If Kiev has not won the battle in Donbas, it will lose the whole Ukraine”.

The full text of the interview:http://gordonua.com/news/separatism/Novodvorskaya-separatistam-Takoe-barahlo-dazhe-Rossii-ne-nuzhno-22173.html

Deputy Chairman of the Сrimean Council of Ministers expects "referendum" in Kharkiv region

First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev wrote on his Facebook page that after the illegitimate referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, he expects the same "referendums" in Odessa and Kharkiv regions. 

It is worth recalling that on May 11 in southeastern Ukraine the terrorists held pseudo-referendums which are not recognized by Kiev and the international community. Also in Donbas there was held a territorial poll of unified Ukraine supporters - the vast majority of local residents opposed the separatism.

Gennadiy Kernes: I am capable of managing the city distantly

Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes recently has returned to his duties which he is performing via phone calls and the Internet.

According to Mayor, now his condition is satisfactory. "I want to thank the doctors who managed to get me back from the dead. As for the assassination,- who encroached on my life is an interesting question I have no answer to. Who shot and how - I cannot say, "- stressed Mayor. In his opinion, nobody is investigating the case, however, his positions remains the same – Ukraine must be unified, and Kharkiv must be a part of Ukraine.

Dolgov did not appear in court

One of the coordinators of pro-Russian movement in Kharkiv Konstantin Dolgov has not come to Kiev District Court hearing on changing the measure of restraint. According to his lawyer, Dolgov was not properly informed. The meeting was postponed to May 13.

Court left Topaz in jail

The Court of Appeal of Kharkiv Region decided to keep “antimaydan” activist Ignat Kromskoy, known by the nickname "Topaz", under arrest,- Kharkiv Region Prosecutor's Office reported.

Former “Berkut” Patrol the doads in Kharkiv region

According to Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kharkiv region, in order to provide safety for citizens, now at the stationary traffic police points the duties are being carried out by a special police battalion that was formed instead of the liquidated Special Forces "Berkut". All employees had passed the required recertification, and each candidacy had been reviewed and approved by a special commission.

Aeroflot will not fly to Donetsk and Kharkiv until May 31

"Aeroflot" - Russian Airlines" extended cancellation of their flights to Donetsk and Kharkiv until May 31, said a source in the company. 
As previously reported, on May 2 Ukrainian aviation authorities unilaterally forbade Russian airlines to make flights to the airports in Donetsk and Kharkiv. The Russian side, in turn, has decided not to apply symmetric measures and not to close its airspace to Ukrainian companies.