Результаты поиска по тегу: kharkiv

Militants grenadier from Chechen was captured in Kharkov; Kharkov man arrested trying to recruit separatist to be mercenaries; in the Kharkov region two terrorist convoys were repulsed; Kharkov man arrested that attacked bus in siloviki; amounts the downed il-76 was one paratrooper fro Kharkov; deputy regional council said: information not true in obtaining signatures that support Gennady Kernes chairman of Kharkov regional state administration; Igor Balut discusses with the un representative problematic issues related to the placement and the social protection of refugees; Eurobasket 2015 not to be held in Ukraine; about 100 citizens from Kharkov came to support Russia; 5100 future applicants from Donbas have arrived in Kharkov; «Okean Elzy» in Kharkov concert over 40 thousand patriotic Ukrainians attended.

The detained saboteur described the militant training camp in the Rostov region; survivor of the downed helicopter near Slavyansk hospitalized in Kharkov; Kharkov students donate military flak jackets; enterprises of Kharkiv region will receive orders from the defense ministry of ukraine; the end of the school year; Kharkivs'kyi cadet corps announces first military cadet corp.; creating a map of road condition problems in Kharkiv.

The terrorists fired upon a military convoy in the Kharkiv region; Kharkov will host a special OSCE mission; pro-Russian activists protest against the ATO; Kharkiv medical students will go to practice in military hospitals; the graduates will not have to take test in Kharkiv frontline zone; UPE in Kharkov have 140 graduates of Donbas; KHTP has received a major order from the state; the Dobkin’s bank asked for help from the national bank; train Kharkiv-Donetsk cancelled; Evromaidan will meet on Sunday evening.

Defense ministry denies militants seizing town; the leader of the squad Kramatorsk’s fighters detained; they defended the national flags in the centre of the city; in Kharkov, it is desired to create a decent roster of officials; regional council of entrepreneurs of the Kharkiv region will be updated; the world bank will allocate 120 million uah "Kharkiv heat networks"; 3000 square meters coastal lands in Kharkov region was returned to the state; the first forum of investors and novice business people passed in Kharkov; graduates raise funds to help sick children.

Students will be given determent and conscripts will not be sent to Donbas region; 30-31 may will be the last bells and prom; graduates from the Crimea and Donbas can take UPE in Kharkov; in the points for the eit would be strengthened security; kharkovites almost ceased to travel to Crimea; on June 1st, young kharkovites will draw the largest chalk drawing.

On Harkovschyne lydyruet Poroshenko; Dobkin congratulated Petro Poroshenko; Antimaidan advocacy did not recognize the election and picketed the consulate; low turnout in Kharkiv because of voter intimidation; the prosecutor's office received 4 complaints from the Kharkiv region; criminal cases in Kharkov "griffin" and "the golden eagle" taken to court; Metalist will return to the city?; Gennady Kernes: “I intend to soon return home!”; high school graduates gala at liberty square has been changed.

The voter turnout for Kharkiv-47.7%; OSCE observers satisfied with elections in Kharkiv; Kharkiv region recorded a single violation; the number of violations compared to the previous election year of 2010 was only 10%; police recorded 11 incidents and events pertaining to the elections; Kharkov military voted; in the center of Kharkov pro-Russian activists protested; “ultras football club fans” in Kharkiv commemorated the memory of the fallen soldiers.

In Kharkiv a roadblock was fired upon again; Kharkov battalion will soon leave in Donetsk region; the army will call up patriots and high school graduates can enroll in universities; the Mindohodov is nominated as chief tax collector; in Kharkiv a new campaign of cleanliness; Kharkov ladies visited the hundred square; the results of the action "come to the elections! defend the country!"; "the church for one day", postponed indefinitely; in Kharkov, fire was set to the city's largest flag of Ukraine.

Kharkiv region is ready for elections; Order of May 25 will provide 4th. Policemen; Ukraine warns of provocations during the election; The prosecutor's office has promised to provide transparent elections; Traffic police will not tolerate electoral offences; The detained Russian sniper; Monument to Lenin is now under 24 hour surveillance; In Kharkiv oblast wages; The doctors did not an update upon the return of Kernes.

Ukrainian round table of national unity has been held in Kharkiv; Pro-russian activists picketed Ukrainian round table of national unity; Ukrainian military repelled the attack of terrorists near Izum; More than 120 Kharkiv medical volunteers completed military training; Families of the mobilized were promised to be taken to battalion deployment; Kharkiv supported Crimean Tatars; In Kharkiv separatists call to ignore the elections.