Результаты поиска по тегу: kharkov

Governmental commission to inspect how Kharkov has performed during the ato; preparing the humanitarian corridors for refugees from Kramatorskaya – Barvenkovo; «Gromadcka Varta»: in Kharkov separatist given different treatment; separatist captured hoag in April, denies charges; procession and patriots rally in front of the GU MVDU in the Kharkov region; in Kharkov the battalion «Donbass» has arrived for operations; «Metalist» became a participant in the Europe league; trains from Minsk to Kharkov will no longer be running.

SBU detained recruiters so-called «lC»; court suspect arrested in preparation for terrorist F/D; Dmitry Kutovoy speaking at a meeting of parliament.

For chanting against Putin – public works; in Kharkov people tried to bring in weapons; during truce Kharkov received 10 wounded; Kernes states reasons to assassinate him; in dergach people picket the management of Goszemagentstvo; approximately 8,000 students from Donbasu surrender upe in Kharkov; women's movement Kharkov holds laudatory rally; Kiev can now be reached in 4.5 hours.

Statement from Kharkov euro-maidan; Kharkov region does not plan to annex Svyatogorsk and Krasny Liman; new roadblocks to close all roads for terrorist usage from Luhansk; UAH 51 – penalty for insult against Putin; authorities in Kharkov offer legal help to victims of protests; Kharkov visited by sovіtnik political and questions EU delegation to Ukraine; in Kharkov the management of Mindohodov – new director; regular salt panic.

Valentin Bystrichenko: euro-maidan procession was peaceful; Gritsenko: terrorists will take advantage of the truce to capture Kharkov and Odessa; Svyatogorsk and Krasnyi Lyman will join the Kharkov region?; Kharkov frontier ditch dug on the border with the Russian federation; detained Russians who did not know where they were going; the un is ready to help refugees in Kharkov; due to terrorists attacks on bridge three trains changed routes; Kharkov receives severly wounded frontier guard from Luhansk; Kharkov accustomed to people working illegally without paying taxes; willing to donate to upe, has increased by over 500 from previous years; Kharkovites arrange to continue the boycott on Russian goods.

Euromaidan: police acted unlawfully; city council accuses euromaidan of conflict at city center; governor preparing for provocations in Kharkov; Kharkov guards detained Donetsk separatists; state borders in the Kharkov region near castle Sharovka; on line seized property list for the Kharkov region; ATU soldiers entertained by concert; business member anti-maidan Vorzheinovoy referred to court; in Kharkov national flag was desecrated.

Kharkov public utilities under enhanced protection; clandestine manufacturing plant exposed producing separatist agimaterialy; “southeast” appeared on Kharkov tents; Kharkov received the bodies of soldiers killed; from the Kharkov zone of ATO have received 380 tons of military parts; Malysheva factory will start repairing equipment right in the zone of ATO; doctor injured in bloody Kharkov maydanovtsa, back to work; prosecutor picked up the creator of the fraudulent “Izyum” battalion; commeremorate memory of Kharkov climbers killed in Pakistan with climbers competition; in the Kharkov region an university air force cadet died; international interfaith forum to be held in Kharkov.

Along the Kharkov border are stationed Russian troops; city council warns of threats to the water system; wounded from the spetsbatalona «Chernigov» taken to the hospital in Kharkov; 112 – one emergency number for refugees from the Crimea and Donbas; Slobozhanschina increased trade with EU; because of the ban of exports to Russia this can shut down «fed»; in the morning recruiting office attacked with Molotov cocktail; the road connecting Kharkov and Poltava repaired with funds from world bank; in Kharkov they have developed food baskets; Kharkov chief prosecutor starred in movie.

Kernes arrives tomorrow in Kharkov; 300 people were transported through humanitarian corridors; Sloboda Ukraine took over 15 thousand refugees; fighters from Russia swim across the river and take a taxi into Kharkov; scarecrow of prosecutor was hung Kharkov region; Kharkov municipality purchasing playground equipment from Russia; in Kharkov signatures have been collected petitioning against Kernes for governor; in Kharkov a meeting was held to end lustration; «Kharkov station» creates new train from Kharkov–Berdyansk.