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Kharkov is a single point of contact to address the problems of displaced persons; refugees under the open sky; they have collected for the territorial defence of 400 thousand. uah; Kharkov soldiers after 5 days of captivity would serve again; osce representatives discussed events in the East of Ukraine; zam Baluta’s wants to send the statue of Lenin to a park in the forest; Kernes want seat in the governor's chair; Nikolay Umanets appointed to head southern railway; Kharkov region should become attractive for tourism; they will pay for heat in winter only; in Kharkiv region raised money for a non-existent battalions.


A Round table discussion on the situation of internally displaced persons coming from Donetsk and Lugansk regions, was held on the initiative of the UN monitoring mission on Friday. It was attended by representatives of OSCE, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for refugees, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Office of the Commissioner for human rights of the Verkhovna Rada, Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, Kharkov regional State administration, NGO and community initiatives.

To deal with displaced persons in Kharkov region, you create a single focal point with the involvement of representatives of international and non-governmental organizations, said the representative of the human rights representative of the Supreme Council Yuri Belousov.

According to him, there was also discussed a possibility of creating a single resource center, including a website with information about where people can ask for help, how you can help them and so on, the participants of the round table discussed the possibility of creating in the Kharkov region transit center for displaced persons, Interfax reports.

"The transit center, which could meet them, to provide primary care and understand how best to continue and a way to help these people. This is what needs to be done soon, "said Belousov.

"From a number of European countries have an interest to finance the establishment and transit centers and resettlement of refugees," added the UN monitoring mission spokesman Denis Kobzev.


In Karpovsky garden, near the South Railroad Station of Kharkov, for the past seven days refugees from Slavyansk have already arrived and stayed at the garden. About 17 people, including nine children are deprived of normal living conditions: no toilets and showers, dishwashers and televisions. They sleep in tents, some cook their food over a fire, and are given products and food from local residents and passers-by.

"It was impossible to live in Slavyansk, for there is shooting continuously for 24 hours. It was scary for our children and we collected the most necessary things we had and left, told "Today" refugee Angelina Kudryavtseva. -Because of the lack of housing, it has been necessary for us to live in the park so far.

The head of another family in a camping tent nearby, Alexander, has even bigger problems. His wife is pregnant and very soon she will be giving birth to our child explained the man, he could not agree to housing in the area, which was proposed to him by the regional administration. "They proposed to us to live in some kind of a school on May Day. But it was located too far from the city and we could not go because my wife is expecting in a month and a half. For me it is easier to find a job, and for his wife to give birth, "says refugee, Alexander Kudryavtsev. We know that the the free accommodations in Kharkov is not that easy now, and we understand the situation. However, hope for the best and so far remain here. "

The campsite was visited by law enforcement officers who verified that it does not constitute any hazards. "Making sure that in the Karpovsky garden there are refugees in need of assistance, police handed over the information they gathered to the administration of kastrychnitski district," said "Today" Natalia Zakharova, who is the Chief of regional Department of Internal Affairs of the DSP.


Charities and ordinary people continue to provide assistance to the territorial defense Battalion soldiers of Regional Military Committee, the website of the City Council.

According to the Deputy Military Commissioner of the regional enlistment office of Yuriy Kalgushkin, only during the month of May the military has received more than 70 personal body armor vests, 100 sleeping bags and blankets, 10 optical binoculars, several modern Motorola radios, two color printers and a multimedia projector. The total amount of financial assistance is estimated to be worth about 400 thousand UAH. In addition, a periodic delivery of military supplies from Kharkov.

"The unit was formed in Kharkov, from among the persons subject to the draft. It is therefore understandable that their countrymen have shown so much generosity to help relieve the burdens upon the defenders of our country, said Deputy Military Commissioner.


Soldiers Andrei Syadrysty and Vitaliy Sinitsky, who were recently released from captivity in the Donbass, will already return to service next week. Today the soldiers arrived at the Eastern Regional Command Control Area (TRANS. Sapper, 7), where they gave a detailed account of the incident.

"There have noted that we arrived and promised that on Monday we'll split up again. Most likely, we will choose where to serve. But where is the guarantee that we stay here a week, and then they send us as reinforcements to Donbass? "Stated in an interview with" Today "Vitaliy Sinitsky. The soldiers still have not recovered from the experience of being married.

Remember, they were able to return home to their village of Boguslavka district of Borovsk during the night from Tuesday or Wednesday. They were soldiers that were guarding a border checkpoint "Dolzhansky" in Lugansk region and were taken prisoner. The guys were kept in a basement for five days being interrogating, they were constantly asked whether they were fighters the so-called "DNI" and the "LNR", then handed over to their parents.


In the Chuguevsky ROH visited the OSCE monitoring mission to monitor developments in the East of Ukraine, the press service of the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS in Kharkov region.

During a meeting with the head of the local police department observer Harry Klerini discussed the situation in the country. Jeffrey Olsen of the United States and Silvia Khan Scher of Switzerland were assured that the local police will continue contribute to the strengthening of peace, stability and security in Ukraine. Foreign visitors also asked what measures were being taken by law enforcement agencies to ensure the stable situation in the country. All questions were answered in detail and the police chief assured them that the militia is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the protection of the public from unlawful acts and any violations of the law.


For sites that share society, you must create a pantheon. In particular, we are talking about the monuments of the Soviet times. Discussing this was the Lieutenant-Governor of the Kharkov region Ivan Varchenko.

According to him, it would be better to remove from the central part of the city all monuments that divide society, for example, the statue of Lenin, "City Watch". Varchenko cited the example of Spain and the United States, where after the civil war they had created similar pantheons.

As for the center of the city, according to Varchenko, monuments, and street names must be such that they are able to be shared by all citizens. In particular, the Nobel laureates. He noted that such a zone can be created in a park in the forest.

We remind that in Kharkov in the KHTP planned square of Soviet Ukraine.


Members of the Kharkov Oblast Council of the party of the regions were asked to designate Mayor Gennady Kernes Governor of Kharkov oblast (now occupying this post is Arsen Avakov, the Interior Minister and ally of Igor Baluta). Considering the appointment of the representatives was sent to President Peter Poroshenko.

48 deputies put their signatures in a letter requesting this appointment. As told "today" the President of the Regional Council Sergey Chernov, they also joined members of the City Council and the representatives of the high schools. What is the reason for such a decision and agreed with the candidate, who is still confined to a wheelchair, the deputies refused to say yesterday, referring to employment.

And here in the camp of the opponents of the initiative have learnt from "today" correspondent. "I believe that we have a President, and he will make the right decision. I think he doesn't need help from us, "said the Chairman of the faction at the Batkivshchyna in Council Ludmila Belova. Have written a similar letter, but with their own candidate in the "Cabinet".

Gennadiy Kernes, who is being treated in Israel, to occupy a position which he held until recently by his friend Mikhail Dobkin, said sparingly. "If the decision on the appointment would be accepted, then we will all know about it," said the Mayor.

From their own sources today, they revealed that Kernes plans to return to Kharkov from Haifa on Tuesday, June 17. City Hall is making special preparations for his arrival and his return to the position of Mayor.


Nikolay Umanets was appointed head of the State Enterprise "Southern Railway". This is an order by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 11, 2014 No. 549-r posted on a Government website, informs "city watch".

On June 5, he was appointed acting head of the SOUTHERN RAILWAY. Before that, he served as Deputy Chief Umanets Nikolay JZ on rolling stock and logistics.

Bio: Nicolai G. was born on May 12, 1964 in Derhachi, Kharkov region. Education-higher. In 1991 he graduated from the Kharkov Institute of railway engineers. In 1997 he graduated from the Kharkov State Academy of railway transport. Specialty "electrification of the railway, Locomotives. A member of the party of regions. October 31, 2010 elected to the sixth convocation of the Kharkov regional Council.


This was during a press conference, acting Deputy Chairman of Kharkov REGIONAL STATE ADMINISTRATION Ivan Varchenko.

"I am very much interested to Formally present the tourist campaign slogan" Welcome to Kharkov, Kharkov is not only attractive for the tourist who wants to travel to the hot zone for adventure tourism, so that we have restored the love for our area and green tourism, and city urban tourism, "said Ivan Varchenko.

According to him, the Association of travel agencies, hotels can lead to the creation of a European presentation Centre, informs the press-service of the HOAG


With the introduction of new fees for heat supply for Kharkovians, they will pay for service only during the heating season. Today, 13 June, Deputy General Director for Economics "Kharkov heat networks" Tatiana Gavrilyuk, reports the Press Office of the City Council.

She noted that from October to April the inhabitants pay 6.42 UAH per 1 sq.m. m of living space per month, and in the summer season-1.13 UAH/sq. m. from 1 August, will operate the new, so-called seasonal fees which would be 9.58 UAH per 1 sq.m. m per month.

"Despite the fact that the fees will start 1 August, people will not be paying in Kharkov until after the heating season," said Tatyana Gavrilyuk.

The new fees will be introduced heating and for hot water. It will include not only the heating of water, but also the cost of cold water. Cost of 1 cu. hot water is 23.45 m, and it has already taken into account the cost of cold water-2.45 per 1 cub. m.


Someone Dmitry Karmazin said, in the city of Izium in the Kharkov region raised money for a non-existent battalion "Izium". It is reported by the press center of the "freedom". The claim: these actions are fraud.

As it became known, the fraudster seems to be fund raising, but, according to the law it is a fraud and a scam artist, writes 057. ua.

"Take this general patriotic mood of Ukrainians, owing to external aggression, he decided to earn some money. Spreading false information in social networks, he raises funds for a non-existent battalion, taking advantage of those who really want to help the Ukrainian military. In particular, our colleague Nikita Karakaya, in fact every day carries goods to the front. The emergence of this kind of fund raising is fraud and a dangerous message, you must immediately stop the scam, he said, commenting on the situation, the head of the Kharkov regional "freedom", the platoon commander of the territorial defense battalion Lieutenant Alexei Myrhorod.

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