Digest of events 12.06.14

Anti-majdan Sergei Yudaev participated in two April engagements; the new director factory of sparkling wines dismissed agricultural; Donetsk and Zaporozhye people will receive polish visas in Kharkov; "no!" unlicensed reservoir owner found guilty; heat and hot water cost; graduation at the national academy of the national guard of Ukraine; Mundial-Kharkovski; smoking is no longer fashionable in Kharkov.


According to ATS, today the court proceedings against Sergei Yаdaev continued. He was arrested during the liberation of the State Administration Building in Kharkov that was seized by pro-Russian individuals. Yadaev was charged under part 1 of article 294 (Organization of mass disturbances accompanied by violence against a person, rioting, arson, destruction of property, the seizure of buildings and installations, the forcible eviction of citizens, resistance to the authorities with the use of weapons or objects used as weapons, as well as active participation in a riot shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of five to eight years).

During the investigation, it became clear that Yudaev had participated in two engagements: on the 6th and 7th of April and he was charges for assault and was actively involved in the riots. The Yadaev pleaded not guilty of the charges against him.


Minister Igor Shvajka appointed Sergey Zhidkov earlier this week as director. Sergey replaced interim Director Tatyana Kot, whom was the appointed and trustee of the plant. She took the appointment of Sergey Zhidkov to court, the Court upheld her right to remain as the director of "the Kharkov Plant of CHAMPAGNE WINES»

Remember, the sudden change in leadership at the company occurred on Monday-it was a day off. Athlete and former leader of the group "Target" Zhidkov took over the offices and replaced the security of the plant, the new security did not allow some employees to their jobs. Documents confirming the legality of such an appointment were not provided, thus requiring the people to sue the company for compliance.


In Donetsk, the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland closed down their consulate. Now the inhabitants of Donetsk and Zaporozhye will receive Polish visas, including Schengen at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Kharkov, "City watch". So in the Twitter posted by Press Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland Marcin Wojciechowski: "in connection with the suspension of the activities of the Consulate of Poland in Donetsk in Donbass and Zaporozhye visas will be provided in our branch consulate in Kharkov. The Consulate is located in Kharkov, on Artema Street.


Velikoburluksky District Court sentenced A businessman found guilty of fraudulent land use and of water. (ch. 1.197-1 of the Criminal Code), 057 pishet. ua.

As reported by the District Prosecutor Denis Popov,

Themis sentenced the offender to pay a fine in the amount of more than 3.5 thousand. UAH. The sentence was upheld by the Court of appeal stated the press-center of the Prosecutor's Office.

Reservoir area of more than 110

The man illegally used the land and water for fish breeding starting in 2009 year. Through the illegal activities of the entrepreneur, the State suffered almost 80 thousand, UAH. In damages.

The Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit in District Court to release the trapped water and return it to the State, as well as compensation for the damage caused by the illegal uses, it is now under consideration.


"Kharkov heat networks" on July 1 will introduce new costs for services for central heating and hot water supply, "City watch".

The new fees are based upon the value of the thermal energy for the needs of the population and changes in other components of costs, and will be: centralized heating: for subscribers of residential buildings with thermal energy meters with House-374.69 UAH/Gcal (VAT included); for subscribers of homes without heat energy accounting units of House-9.58 UAH per 1 sq.m. m a month during the heating season (VAT included); centralized hot water supply (cost of cold water): when connecting the hot water heated towel Rails-23.15 UAH per 1 cub. m (with VAT); in the absence of towel-21.44 UAH per 1 cub. m (with VAT). Also recall that the first of July in Ukraine they will increase water tariffs by an average of 84% of wastewater (sewage)-by 105%, water consumption (water and wastewater)-at 93%.


On the eve of graduation, cadets received their Lieutenant epaulets from the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine, reports ATN. A new combat banner and the promotions to lieutenant were received from the academy school in early June. Until that time, it was the Academy of internal troops. It was the epicenter of the violent conflict in Kharkov in February,

When Euromaidan activists blocked the Academy gate, suspecting that cadets would be moved to Kiev, to disperse the Maidan. Now, says the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, these young people had the mission to protect democracy and the territorial integrity of the country.

Graduation ceremony was held at the Memorial. A solemn March, diploma and congratulations. Despite the current turmoil, the cadets wished each other peaceful service.


Today in Brazil will kick off the World Cup. They came up with a creative project to popularize the Ukraine in the world, although it would not take part in the World Championships, MG "objective".

Within a month they will serve unusual daily forecasts of all matches of the 2014 World Cup. The project is unique in that, unlike the legendary Octopus Paul or Chinese pandas (a trend this season) to predict the outcome of the games will become non-living objects, with domestic production.

For example, guessing the result can be that whose ice cream first melts, some speculation will be more like flipping coins, a balloon with water which one will hit the ground first from a specified height, etc. etc.

The first forecast creative group of citizens has already done this: the match Brazil-Croatia opening, which begins at 7:0 pm, victory will be the hosts of the tournament, "says author journalist Vladimir Chistilin.

Forecast results of matches will be placed in social networks and YouTube. "Crazy World" chose an unusual video format, which will translated into English


Social campaign "Smoke is no longer fashionable," was held today, June 12, at the exits of the Church’s. "University", the website of the City Council.

Near "Steklyashka" and at the entrance to the Shevchenko Park. Shevchenko volunteers offered passers-byers a chance to exchange cigarettes for candy. According to them, most people willingly agreed to such a proposal. In addition, during the action kharkovites were asked questions related to HIV infection, and if they were aware, and where then given contraception. Healthy lifestyle fans noted that people should be responsible not only for your health but also the health of those around you.

The rally was held with the support of the Department of family, youth and sport, "sport for all" and the Kharkov regional center for youth.

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