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Kernes arrives tomorrow in Kharkov; 300 people were transported through humanitarian corridors; Sloboda Ukraine took over 15 thousand refugees; fighters from Russia swim across the river and take a taxi into Kharkov; scarecrow of prosecutor was hung Kharkov region; Kharkov municipality purchasing playground equipment from Russia; in Kharkov signatures have been collected petitioning against Kernes for governor; in Kharkov a meeting was held to end lustration; «Kharkov station» creates new train from Kharkov–Berdyansk.


It is planned that the Mayor returns to Kharkov on Tuesday, June 17. The City Council for the City of Kharkov made the announcement today by telephone from the deputies of the City Council. They will meet the Mayor at the VIP-Terminal at Kharkov International Airport around 1430. The information was confirmed to the media from the Mayor’s spokeswoman Tatiana Georgian.

More than a month ago, on April 28, 2014 while the Mayor was out jogging on the Belgorod Highway, he was shot by an unknown gunman.


The Ukraine Government created humanitarian corridors for refugees from Donetsk and Lugansk last week. For civilians who wished to leave the combat zone, the forces of anti-terrorist operations provided transport to bring them to Kharkov, writes MG «Objective».

Volunteers provide food, water and other needs items when need, and if necessary they would provide medical care at special collection points.

Ukrainian government officials will meet people at checkpoints near the borders of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions. During the day, from the territory of the Anti-terrorist operations through a humanitarian corridor in Kharkov managed to carry about 300 people. Said Grigory Marchenko, Director of Emergency Response State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

«We have phone service» 112 «. If recorded treatment of any person, information is transferred to the desired area. There are specific areas of responsibility, what kind of capabilities can be used to perform the control of these funds, «- said Marchenko.

To conduct saving corridor involved tens of thousands of government agencies and thousands of volunteers.


This was stated by chairman of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Igor Balut. He noted that the region can still take 420 people. Although this figure is constantly changing, the press office of Hogan.

«At the moment there is enough space. Taking this opportunity, I want to refer to the inhabitants of the Kharkov region and with other regions that they were actively involved in efforts to provide assistance to our citizens with the Donetsk and Lugansk region «, - said Igor Balut.

He noted that already exists register premises in which to resettle people from the neighboring region and is the base of proposals in Kharkov willing to accept immigrants.


There are recorded new route crossing the border by Russian mercenaries penetrating the territory of Ukraine swimming cross the river Desna, informs crime.in.ua.

«From the town of White Birch Bryansk region they cross the Desna River in boats at night and then they swim shore down to Novgorod-Seversky, hail a taxi and go to Kharkov, and then it is 395 kilometers without Ukrainian roadblocks» - said on his Facebook page activist Sergei Zdorovets .

According to him, he found a new pattern of movement of militants from Russia to Ukraine, and specifically in Kharkov, visiting the northern border of Ukraine. «There have been cases of detention of these persons,» - said Zdorovets.

He also called on taxi drivers in the area who saw strange behaving Russian, do not transport them to Kharkov, and the police, and expressed confidence that «using taxi’s would not work anymore.»


On June 15 at the district administration Valki activists gathered After-Maidan from Kharkov, Kiev, Poltava, Zaporozhye, and Cherkassy. To rally against corruption they were also joined by representatives of the self-defense, «right sector» and the Cossacks, as well as locals, informs MG «Objective».

Activists have written several letters to the prosecutor and district deputies. Accusing them as officials, of not doing their duty and dealing with corruption.

«Those same prosecutors are on the ground, and they continue the same extortion from businessmen and farmers. More than 40 criminal proceedings, were either closed or sent back for further investigation. These secessionist acts specifically in the area Valkovsky many of the cases in front of the prosecutors are not completed, «- said one of the organizers Michael Myakotin.

After the rally, activists in the square with local citizens handed over a letter specifying requirements of the prosecutor's office, and hung over the building a Scarecrow. This Scarecrow symbolizes the very same city prosecutor that was hung outside his departmental housing.

Answers from the prosecution the activists will wait three days, and then promised to implement more drastic measures. «We will not respond with peaceful protest”, - said Mikhail Myakotin.


The Department of Housing for Kharkov City Council on June 6 signed agreements to purchase equipment for children's playgrounds and sports fields. The total cost of the agreements is $8.92 million USD. This was reported in the «Bulletin of public procurement», informs «Nashі Groshі.»

They will be putting in swing sets, sandboxes, slides, table tennis, etc. The most expensive are playgrounds, which include single swing, swing-rocker, sandpit, table tennis, game complex - 38 526 UAH.

Ltd. «and playgrounds for children» will receive 4.58 million USD. Another 4.34 million USD paid Ltd. «KSІL-Ukraine.»

Company founders' for the children's playgrounds «is Alexei Lebedko, a native of Russia, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of concern» Inter Athletics, «deputy director» Inter Athletics «Alexander Rudenko, Maria Rudenko and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board Elena Ivasik concern. TOV «KSІL-Ukraine, a Limited Liability Company» belongs to the Russian JSC «Ksil.»


The site public petitions in Kharkov gather signatures against the appointment of Gennady Kernes Governor of the Kharkov region, reports ATN.

Community activists ask the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko such a statement: «Do not assign Kernes GA Governor of the Kharkov region.”

Currently 2856 signatories have been collected, but they want to collect 50 thousand signatures.


As UNIAN correspondent, held a rally near the monument to Taras Shevchenko on Sumskaya Street. People held national flags, the flag of the Crimean Tatar people, placards saying: «It hurts nostalgia - a bullet in the forehead, KamAZ, Russia», «Freedom Crimean activists» and chanting «Down with Putin», «Suitcase, station, Russia «.
Participants of the national Chamber categorically require public discussion of all appointments to senior positions in the Kharkov region. In particular, protesters oppose the appointment of the Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes chairman of the Kharkov regional state administration, as rumors recently spread in Kharkov.

Participants of the national Chamber held a minute of silence for the soldiers killed during military ATU. Organizers also called upon Kharkov, when possible, to help the wounded soldiers who were injured in ATU operations which are being treated at the Kharkov Military Hospital.

At the end of the rally participants plan to march from the monument of Taras Shevchenko to the building of the Kharkov Regional State Administration, and then to the Russian Consulate General in Kharkov.

At the same time in Freedom Square near the monument of Lenin there were still supporters of the anti-Maidan group. The small group supports anti-Maidan and federalization of Ukraine.

Protection for public order for both events carries a large number of police officers. At the Rally After-Maidan they also had their own civil defense representatives to protect the protestors.

At the park Shevchenko police conduct inspections of personal belongings of citizens, checked backpacks and duffel bags.


From 16 to 30 June from Kharkov to Berdyansk (Zaporizhia region) there will run a passenger train number 569/572. The route was established to meet the needs of the population in transportation to local destinations, reports MG «Objective».

The train will run daily. The train will depart Kharkov at 21:14 and will arrive at Berdyansk at 06:40. From Berdyansk the train will depart on the 17th of June. Departure will be at - 20:40, and will arrive in Kharkov - 6:30.

Tickets can already be purchased at the box office or on the websites of JZ and «Ukrainian Railways.» It is not known if the shuttle train will continue to operate after June 30. They have promised to consider the route in the future.

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