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Euromaidan: police acted unlawfully; city council accuses euromaidan of conflict at city center; governor preparing for provocations in Kharkov; Kharkov guards detained Donetsk separatists; state borders in the Kharkov region near castle Sharovka; on line seized property list for the Kharkov region; ATU soldiers entertained by concert; business member anti-maidan Vorzheinovoy referred to court; in Kharkov national flag was desecrated.


Today Euromaidan Activists in Kharkov came to the prosecutor. The purpose of the visit was to file a complaint against the police and to create dialogue with the area chief prosecutor, wrote 057.ua.

According to the protesters, in yesterday's skirmish with police 12 people were injured. Euromaidan Activist assert that the police had acted illegally. "They came to write a statement, against the police for they did not act on the letter of the law. They had no right to beat, first, women, and secondly on the head. Another interesting question: If Russia is the aggressor, why are Euromaidan separatist permitted to walk around the city and we are not allowed. We were unarmed, "- says Galina, a participant of the rally.

Yesterday young people were arrested by the police, today they came to tell what happened to them. The young people were taken into custody by the police. They did not know why they were arrest, they did not understand why? They stated the following: “We were drinking coffee said Kulinichi ", we then went to throw away our cups. Once we had done this we headed towards the monument. Then we were approached by an employee of Berkut, he asked to search us for sharp objects that can be used for weapons, then he began to search our pockets said Eugene, who along with Constantine were taken to the police station.

They asked the law enforcement officer to identify himself and to produce documents. He did not. The officer on one of the boys a folding pocket knife, then he took the boys to the police station. They were detained until around midnight before they were released. But prior to release they were photographed, fingerprinted and asked to write a statement.

Eugene says that after the search by the law enforcement officers his wallet was gone and his "multitool". Today the boys wrote a statement about the police action. Later they joined the rally. Representatives of the "right sector." Barricaded the door to the prosecuter’s office and set tires on fire. Said - this warning to officials to work better.

The Chief Prosecutor for the region, Vasily Sinchuk addressed the protestors. He promised that the complaint against the police he will consider, as well as the complained filed by protesters against law enforcement authorities who acted unlawfully. "We will carry out an investigation over the next couple of days - a maximum of three days. The law will be respected, "- said Sinchuk. After Sinchuk left, protesters sang the Ukrainian National Anthm. Also for rally they shouted "Glory to Ukraine", "Geroї vmirayut not."


Kharkiv City Council made a statement on the events that occurred in the city center on June 22. On June 22 at the Fountain "Mirror stream" a demonstration, and later - the meeting of representatives of the Communist Party of the monument to Lenin at Freedom Square.

Earlier the Kharkov City Council asked the court to ban these demonstration, and they claimed that the court was satisfied. Participants who were at the march and rally knew about the court decision, but they ignored the ban and still continued their march. Note, in its powers Kharkov City Council did everything to ensure that in the city that there was not any intensified political opposition. A court order did not have sufficient force to ensure that it was enforced, for the court did not have enough bailiffs and law enforcement agencies that were not able to fully enforce it.

Also note that during the meeting the representatives of Euromaidan – were also prohibited by the court order- part of the leadership failed to contain representatives of radical organizations that participated in the event. They went to the Lenin monument with a view to disperse the rally of Communists. To avoid a fight between political opponents, the police prevented the participants of Euromaidan from meeting at Freedom Square, at the monument to Lenin. But they did not heed the call of law enforcement officers and did not stop.

Kharkov City Council declares that the responsibility for yesterday's events at the monument to Lenin entirely lies with the Evromaidan and radical organizations participating in this meeting.

We believe that the blame for what happened at the monument can only be placed upon the supporters of Euromaidan said the city authorities. They wanted to escalate the civil and political conflict, wanting to dump the blame on others.

Judging by the fact that the charges in destabilizing the situation in peaceful Kharkov sound of the media in one way or another connected with one of the former leaders of the area - it can be assumed that he is interested in to destabilize the situation in Kharkov, and the responsibility for this he wanted to dump on others. We believe that yesterday's clash at the monument to Lenin was deliberately used to undermine the authority of the city authorities in the city.


The Kharkov region prepares for a series of series of provocations on strategic sites, said the News ATN for Governor Igor Baluta. This was information received from law enforcement agencies. Yesterday the regional administration had an emergency meeting to discuss these issues. The meeting consisted of defining measures to prevent any tampering with the water facilities, gas and other public utilities. Igor Balut said: "Destabilization in Kharkov region is needed by our enemies, and those who explicitly opposes Ukrainian statehood on the territory Luhansk and Donetsk regions, so and in Kharkiv. I wanted to say - they have already begun, so yesterday provocation in the socio-political aspect, there was an attempt, we did not admit on a massive scale. Also, we assume that the information received on the destabilization can be directed at directed towards various facilities not just one.

In the Kharkov area there has been more than 100 provocations which could destabilize livelihoods in the Kharkov region and the residents of Kharkov. Therefore, we conducted a meeting yesterday, Sunday at 8 in the morning, today will be held another CSF meeting, which will be determined by our actions and countermeasures for implementation of such provocations. Sanitary services regularly will test air and water for quality control, said balut.


Kharkov guards yesterday detained at a border checkpoint near “Goptovka” detained a group of persons which are supposedly involved in terrorist activities in Eastern Ukraine. As reported by "SQ" in the press service. The State Border Service of Ukraine, the border guards drew attention to the behavior of the passengers in the car, which was a Mercedes, bound for Russia. After an in-depth examination they found in the car an Identification for DNR an organization which is also the "People's Donbass militia.”They told the border guards that they were going toRussia for humanitarian assistance. Detainees transferred SBU.


Chairman of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Igor Baluta, Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkov region, Anatoly Dmitriev Head of Kharkov frontier and Alexander Crook visited the local checkpoint "Strelechya" to see how it was converted to strengthen Ukraine's state border with the Russian Federation, the press office of HOAG.

"We came here to see how the retro fitting of our border is developing with the engineering aspects and refitted as a local checkpoint. You see the pit that was dug at the border. The chetyrehmetrovy, although by standards it should be two-meters. We made it wider, "- said the chairman of HOAG Igor Baluta.

According to him, all of the local checkpoints will be converted in the Kharkov region.

Head of the Kharkov frontier Alexander Crook said that the situation on the border, though tense, is under control. "There is a certain accumulation of the Russian armed forces. To date, the border is heavily guarded. Particular attention is now being paid to the engineering equipment directly on the state border. We carry out certain work to enhance and strengthen checkpoints for the purpose of adequate measures, including the introduction of all-round defense, "- said Alexander Kruk.

Head of Kharkov frontier also said that seriously enhanced control activities that are carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service.

Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkov region, Anatoly Dmitriev confirmed that police and Border Protection cooperate closely. "Today, the protection of the state border is an important issue. According to our single locations, we have implementing patrolling by police patrols, we closely coordinate all of our actions, exercising joint patrols in some areas. The issue of construction of checkpoints, which will be shared duty stations, and thus solving the problem of the State Border Guard ", - said Anatoly Dmitriev.


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced a new system to start on July 1, 2014, an experiment to introduce a new system of on line sale of seized property through electronic trading in Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and Chernihiv regions. This legislation was introduced by the Government 11.06.2014 № 575-p.

Recall on May 1, 2014 an experiment to implement a new system to be implemented for seized property through electronic trading is already operating in Kiev, Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv region. However, a report of the results of this experiment and proposals on the feasibility of introducing a system implementation of seized property, which the Ministry should prepare with the Justice and with the State Executive Service, the Cabinet postponed the action from November to December 2014, according to RBC.


Minister of Youth and Sports Dmytro Bulatov, Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Zorian Shkiryak and Chairman of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Igor Baluta visited the Antiterrorism Center, where the concert was organized by Ukrainian actor and singer Mukharskaya Antin, the news service writes HOAG.

"After several meetings on the issue in the ATO and roadblocks, the idea to hold a small concert to support our troops was formulated. Moral support of the military and National Guard soldiers are not less important than the weapons of war, and the concert is confirmed. Antin Mukharsky without hesitation agreed to this proposal. He sets a good example for other figures of Ukrainian culture. Everyone can make a difference, not only in money, "- said Dmitry Bulatov.

At the concert, that was attended by about 400 soldiers and militia Natsgvardii including ATO guides. After the concert, the military awaited dinner of Kharkov Regional State Administration. Soldiers, they talked with the artist and sincerely thanked him for coming.


This was reported in the prosecutor's office in Kharkov. According to the prosecutors, we are talking about the case against Olga Vorzheinovoy. She is suspected of beating activists "Euro-Maidan" after the event, hosted by April 13, writes the Telegraph.

"The indictment was signed and submitted to the Leninsky district court of Kharkov", - said the prosecutor's office. For 10 days, the court shall appoint a preliminary hearing on the case. According to prosecutors, the suspect after June 16 was not extended house arrest as a preventive measure, as a woman within 2 months, according to prosecutors, did not interfere with the investigation of the case and in compliance with the conditions stipulated house arrest. The court also took into account the mitigating circumstances.

Recall that on April 13 extremists with St. George ribbons using bits and sticks, attacked the activists, who were in favor of the integrity of the country, when they have completed the rally and dispersed. Some activists were caught and severely beaten on the subway, and women with St. George ribbons finished off the beaten down, shouting "This is not people!".


In the area of the railway station in Kharkov unknown people desecrated the national flag of Ukraine, writing on it "Odessa mourn" and slapped the banner with red paint, trying to simulate blood. The flag was hung in the tower far from the station transmitting mykharkov.info citing "the press service of" the so-called People's Republic of Kharkov.

Apparently, those in favor of federalization in the Kharkov region tried to protest against the bloodshed in Odessa, which occurred on May 2.

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