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Valentin Bystrichenko: euro-maidan procession was peaceful; Gritsenko: terrorists will take advantage of the truce to capture Kharkov and Odessa; Svyatogorsk and Krasnyi Lyman will join the Kharkov region?; Kharkov frontier ditch dug on the border with the Russian federation; detained Russians who did not know where they were going; the un is ready to help refugees in Kharkov; due to terrorists attacks on bridge three trains changed routes; Kharkov receives severly wounded frontier guard from Luhansk; Kharkov accustomed to people working illegally without paying taxes; willing to donate to upe, has increased by over 500 from previous years; Kharkovites arrange to continue the boycott on Russian goods.


The participants in the Euro-Maidan procession to Freedom Square in Kharkov, which was forcibly stopped on June 22 by the police, was peaceful. On this day, June 24, Valentin Bystrichenko told reporters one of the initiators of the conflict was a representative of the organization «Gromadska Varta Kharkova».

According to him, he and other activists saw that day, as they were being prohibited by a court order from doing their procession, «people configured on terrorist financing «, they heard their slogans against the Ukrainian Army and it angered Bystrichenko. He stated that the Euro-Maidan rally that took place at Freedom Square, because many people had come to him and talked to him about something must be done, they cannot just stand by while people discredit the Ukrainian Army.

So he went to the microphone and encouraged to go to the square. Freedom. «It was the position of the group and not my personal decision”, – said Bystrichenko. According to him, the statement by the chief of Kharkov Police, Alexei Boiko, the police had detained the marchers because they had obtained knives and other weapons, this is untrue. “I only had a notebook and pen, and the police did not provided evidence that we had seized weapons, «- he said. Bystrichenko stressed that he did not call anyone to come beat people. But the police, he said, first ordered people to turn around and go back, and then attacked them from behind. As a result, four women suffered head injuries. Bystrichenko said that the purpose of the procession was to pass by Freedom Square, and then declare that Kharkov is Ukraine. There can be no separatism. He stressed that the government and law enforcement agencies need to fight against the separatists, and not with the patriots of Ukraine. «If the police fail to fulfill their function,
we have to do it instead of them» – he added.


Former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anatoly Gritsenko said he was confident that the peace plan by President Petro Poroshenko will fail in the first days, so need to think about plan «B». Former defense minister said that fighters in the unrecognized states of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics can use truce to regroup, and then launch an attack on Kharkov, Donetsk and other regions, writes joinfo.ua.

Gritsenko said that, according to the official negotiator from Kiev – Ukraine's former president Leonid Kuchma, said that federalization proponents agreed to introduce a regime of a complete cease-fire until Friday, June 27. That is, I'm sure the ex-minister of defense said, we are not talking about the addition of weapons, which was the main point of the peace plan by Poroshenko.

Furthermore, Gritsenko also expressed surprise that the Ukrainian government started negotiating with people against whom sanctions were adopted by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine against recognized terrorists and which therefore wanted fugitives. In particular, the ex-minister drew attention to the fact that participation in the negotiations was Pro-Russian Viktor Medvedchuk, whom Vladimir Putin is the Godfather for his son, and Oleg Tsarev is wanted by the Prosecutor of Ukraine.

Recall, on Monday, June 23 in Donetsk talks were held with the representatives of authorities from Ukraine and the unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic, and input from the members of the OSCE and the Russian ambassador to Ukraine. Following the meeting, the militia declared a cease-fire until Friday, June 27. During this time, the parties must begin consultations on peaceful conflict resolution.

Expressing a similar position Dmitry Jaros in an interview on Gromadska TV: «I think the total number of their (militants – Ed.) – About 10 thousand. It is with Russian mercenaries and so on.

According to our information, they are in position in Kharkov, and now they will once again want to be able to change the situation in other areas. There is a great number of them and they are armed better than the Ukrainian army volunteer units, unfortunately. «


Discussions about a possible change in the boundaries of two adjacent regions arose after a visit to the ancient religious center by President Peter Poroshenko and Governor Igor Baluta, writes Диалог.ua.

In the Donetsk Regional State Administration, such a change has to be done cautiously. They say that is likely in joining Svyatogorsk to Sloboda Ukraine is a temporary measure which will focus on improving people's lives.

Mayor Svyatogorsk and Dziuba Alexander complain that they are a small town with a population of 5000 people in which up to 700 new people arrive each day. Now IDPs in the religious center is five times more than the local city and it can no longer cope with the influx of refugees.

In the Kharkov Regional State Administration has not refused such an initiative, but said that the inclusion of the area Svyatogorsk needs a special resolution form the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Kiev Institute of Civil Society has prepared a bill so that the Kharkov region can enter not only Svyatogorsk and Krasnyi Lyman Donetsk region, as well as 11 districts of the Luhansk region (Belovodsky, Belokurakinskij, Krasnolimansky, Kreminsky, Markowsky, Melovsky, Novoaydarsky, Novopskovsk, Svatovsky, Stanichno-Lugansk, Starobelsky and Trinity).

This proposal is in the Verkhovna Rada and has not been passed yet.


The Border Guard Service of Russia continues to ignore the agreement in terms of termination of passage of persons and goods at checkpoints, which are temporarily closed by the government Ukraine states “Lens”.

During screening at the checkpoints on the border with Russia, they found two people who were citizens of Russia who were presumably prepared to participate in extremist activity in the territory of Ukraine. One of them was detained at the railway paragraph control «Kharkov» on a train from Moscow-Sevastopol. During the interrogation process the man could not specify his purpose for the trip, no city in the Crimea, where he was heading. Now the Russians have been transferred to SBU for further investigation and possible involvement in destabilizing activities, according to the press service UASBGS.


In Kharkov on the state border of Ukraine with Russia they will now convert all checkpoints. As reported in the press serves Hoag the first engineering conversions have already passed on the Edge paragraph «Streleche.» The two-meter ditch, which will now be standard should be completed along the entire border zone and extended to twice that depth to up to 4 meters. According to this the same pattern will convert all local checkpoints.

According to the guards, the situation along the border, though tense, but controlled. Today the border is protected and hardened, particular attention is now being paid to engineering projects directly related to the state border.


UN officials arrived in the Kharkov region, to advise the State Service for Emergencies and Resettlement and how to implement resources for migrants from Donetsk and Lugansk regions, according to Lens.

Regional head of the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Marseille Wassen noted that such a large country like Ukraine does not have sufficient experience in the organization of humanitarian operations for their fellow citizens. At the same time, head of Department of the State of Emergency in the Kharkov region Vasily Stoetsky noted that, “Now in Kharkov there are registered 3.5 thousand persons – they live in nursing homes, hostels, hotels and houses in the villages. The same residents of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, which are not registered and live with relatives – are many more times that number. To date, the Kharkov region has 527 places left for the refugees. In the employment center there is about 2,000 jobs available for residents of Donbass to work. According to Vasily Stoetskogo, now in State Service, they are already developing a plan for additional resettlement of refugees. Most likely, they will equip campgrounds, but they will need to equip the people with tents and they will need the help of the UN, stressed the head of department.


On the night of June 24, unknown damaged was sustained by a bridge on the 252-kilometer haul Orehovskaya – Small Tokmachka. Under current law, the investigation will be conducted by the Security Service of Ukraine, writes Lens.

As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 24 June at 02:20 to the duty officer Orekhovskoye PO Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Zaporozhye region, it was reported that unknown persons damaged the bridge on the outskirts of the village Nuts Novodanilovka.

According to the press service of «Ukrainian Railways», due to the undermining of the foundations of the bridge on the stretch Orehovskaya – Small Tokmachka at Dnieper railway road rerouted following three pairs of passenger trains.

The explosion damaged the first support and resistance, it is of metal construction and one of the wooden beams of the bridge girders was also damaged. At the time of detonation there was not a train on this section. There were no injuries.

Railway traffic from Zaporozhye was suspended. Passenger train number 569, 570, Berdyansk-Kharkiv Kharkiv, № 211, 212 Moscow and Moscow Berdyansk-number 471, 472 Dnepropetrovsk-Krivoy Rog – Berdyansk – Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog until restoration of the bridge the alternate routes will be followed- through Zaporozhye, Fedorivka, Large Tokmak, Berdyansk.


A Lugansk border guard’s detachment which was attacked on 22 June and one guard was severely wounded in an armed clash with terrorists. He was medevac by helicopter yesterday and was delivered to a military hospital in Kharkov.

Having lost a lot of blood, the Junior Sergeant for the Border Service was in the district hospital and taken care of by local doctors. They did everything possible to keep him stabilized and out of critical condition. Tsenzor.NET reported the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Subsequently the helicopter was from the Kharkov Aviation Squadron Gospogransluzhby, it was they who brought him for further treatment.

Recall, on June 22 at around 11.30 from a mound near the village of Luhansk region militants fired at a column of border guards. The attack was an ambush with grenade launchers and sniper rifles. As a result of the attack the border guard received a gunshot wound in the back.


From January to May oblupravleniya Mindohodov staff identified 1365 men who have not been officially approved by employers and received illegal wages. All of these people were employed formally transmits the City Watch.

According to the press service of the department, inspection of taxes collected on employees by enterprises they were able to identify 26 cases over 5 months in which employees were played in cash in envelopes. It is important to collect taxes from employees for that is how government is able to pay for basic services and to continue to develop the city and region.

By paying employees in cash through envelopes is detrimental to society as a whole. A question of collecting taxes is a serious issue for the state, especially when there is a shortfall in tax revenue. A person’s pension is also determined by the amount of taxes and income he reports. If this is collected there is no way for the employee to collect a pension package in the future.

Today it is imperative that every employee agreeing to receive wages thus understood the consequences of his actions – noted in the press-service. According to the results of measures taken by the tax authorities, an additional budget received almost a million hryvnia.


This was from the «straight line» in newspaper «Evening Kharkov» said Director of the Department of Science and Education Kharkov State Administration Anatoliy BABICHEV, the press service of HOAG.

«This year at the universities 20,600 places were available for the state – the same number as in the previous year. In our area the surrender external independent estimation checked more than 16,000 students, 12,000 of them – graduates schools and four thousand – graduates from previous years. This year at UPE there were registered for more than five hundred people than last year «, – said Anatoly BABICHE


In Kharkov, there was an unusual flash mob, whose members were calling upon a boycott of Russian goods, writes today. In large supermarkets first ten people simultaneously fall on floor, and did not move, they laid still for five minutes then rose and continued to go about their business..

While activists were holding posters with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the inscription: «Buying Russian, you sponsor war.” In one of the supermarkets activists detained security until they were finished.

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