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For chanting against Putin – public works; in Kharkov people tried to bring in weapons; during truce Kharkov received 10 wounded; Kernes states reasons to assassinate him; in dergach people picket the management of Goszemagentstvo; approximately 8,000 students from Donbasu surrender upe in Kharkov; women's movement Kharkov holds laudatory rally; Kiev can now be reached in 4.5 hours.


Kharkov Activist for Euro-Maidan Valentin Bystrichenko was sentenced to public service. Such punishment as given by the Dzerzhinsky District Court of Kharkov was determined for one of the most active participants in an unsanctioned rally in Freedom Square on June 24. Mear the monument to Lenin people with Ukrainian flags chanted obscene chants about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Valentin Bystrichenko that he was surprised by the decision of the Dzerzhinsky district court decision he told «Media». The judge read Lazyuk SV resolution – and sentenced me to 50 hours of hard labor to me and another party also received the same sentence but for correctional work in housing Ozyaystve. He was not present for court, and did not comment said «Bystrichenko».

Head of Public Relations Department for the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry in Kharkov, Natalia Zakharova area also confirmed this information, noting that it comes to public works.

«In the district department, they have not yet gotten their hands on documents, but as far as I know, the court ruled not on the penalty, but about public works because Bystrichenko officially does not have an income. How is he supposed to pay the fine?»- Explained Judge Zakharov on the logic of the sentencing.

He is not content with the court decision and is going to file an appeal after consulting with an attorney. By definition, known definition of obscene chants addressed to the President Russia is not indecent. Bystrichenko said that he will seek a specialist in the area to prove it. Protocol on administrative offense under article «Small hooliganism «police made June 24 at Freedom Square. Policemen saw him chanting obscene slogans at Freedom Square, a breach of public order.


A vehicle with government markings from Donetsk region was stopped by Police Officers at a traffic post near Pisochyn village. While viewing inside the vehicle law enforcement officers found and seized a shotgun, 2 silencers «Stalker 914-S» 9mm, 9 rounds of 9mm, two smoke bombs, 5 gas grenades, 8mm caliber cartridges and cartridges for tear gas, stated the press service of the Interior Ministry in the Kharkov region.

The Entire arsenal was being transported by a 37-year-old resident of the Donetsk region. Also with him was with his 39-year-old friend, they were sent to the city of Kharkov for further investigation. To clarify the circumstances behind the incident, the men were acting suspicious and they were transported also along with their contraband to the Kharkov police department.

According to the driver, they brought so many weapons for they were going to go into the woods for target shooting.

The weapons and other hazardous materials were removed and sent to forensic experts for further evaluation. This incident is included in the Unified Register for pretrial investigations featured Part 1 of Art. 263 (illegal weapons handling, martial supplies or explosives) Criminal Code of Ukraine. The Article provides for punishment imprisonment for a term of 7 years.


As of June 26 the Military Medical Center Northern region, which is located in Kharkov, received 10 wounded soldiers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is reported by the officer for the regional media center Dmitry Gorbunov, writes 057.ua.

«All the soldiers who came to us from the last five days have injures of varying severity. Medical staff at the field camps, gave them the necessary medical care and referred them for further treatment at our fully functional trauma hospital.

In general, from the beginning of the anti-terrorist operations our military medical facility have now treated over 200 Defenders of the Motherland «- said the Head Doctor at the Medical Center Colonel Viktor Polishchuk. According to Command of the military medical facility they have greater financial assistance for doctors since they receive many charitable donations from charitable organization and citizens for our injured soldiers.


Kharkov Mayor Gennady Kernes in his first interview since his return talks about the role played by the Interior Minister Avakov on the attempt on his life.

«I have a different version of what happened that makes peoples ears stick out. There are people who are in power today who are in powerful offices, specifically law enforcement. I do not deny that I have a very hostile relationship with the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, I believe that such crimes should be investigated, but given our relationship nothing has happened – said Kernes.

The mayor admitted that he was unable to name the assassins who attempted to take his life, there is a problem, and it is not a local problem. There is no new Mayor, for I am still here. There is concrete evidence that a crime was committed against me he said. Someone had to know the route I would take when I run, they had the time to watch me. They knew the idea location where to have a sniper shoot at me, said the mayor.

Despite all these circumstance, there is a resonate case, says Kernes. But Kiev did not conduct an investigation in the attempt, and the Kharkov Police are also not in a hurry to investigate.

According to the mayor, no one called him to investigate the case until four days after he returned from Israel to arrange a meeting. Only after he had received treatment in Israel and returned to his hometown did they even bother to contact him.


Several dozen dissidents went to the agency building after a long time of Documentary Claims – some people have been waiting months and others for years. These claims are for back inventory that they were never paid. They are also claims personally against the head of management of the company, he is accused of corruption and also assault and battery, writes Lens.

Residents to protest against Dergach was organized by activist Constantine Poddubnyi, this took place a year ago when he tried to arrange management to release the inventory owed to people. But they were unsuccessful. Overnight they hid inventories and removed everything underground so no one could see it. When visited by state agencies, they were unable to visually see anything. They have tried to expiate their claims but have been successful, it is far easier to remove the present management.


In Kharkov regional meeting was held to organize and conduct further independent external evaluation session for students from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. It was attended by Director of the Department of Education and Science Anatoliy Babichev, HOAG, director of the Kharkov Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment Alexander Sidorenko, representatives from the departments of social welfare, health, SES, the General Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkov region, area schools, the press office of Hogan .

«This year we have major difficulties arise from the fact that in 2014 UPE involved 7744 students, only 69 of them – residents of Kharkov region, and the rest – 7675 – are residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Therefore, a number of questions related to their arrival, accommodation and stay in Kharkov. In 36 universities and vocational schools will be allocated free 3727 seats. Approximately 50% of the registered persons. We thank all of our rectors of universities, for what they have approached this issue with understanding «, – said Anatoly Babichev.


Under the walls of the chief of the Interior Ministry was an unusual rally. No requirement, slogans or discontent. This time, the women's movement participants Kharkov just came to say thank you to police officers for what they do to not prevent clashes number 22, reports 057.ua., so to speak, protesters came assistant chief Vladimir Kovrygin. He thanked the protesters for the flattering words to the police and promised to deal with the situation.


«UZ» runs from July 1, an additional train number 723/724 «Intercity +» on the route Kiev – Kharkov – Kiev. Driving time will be 4.5 hours, reported the press service of the company.

As the report says, train departure time from Kiev – 13:36, arrival in Kharkiv – 18:11. From Kharkov «Intercity» will depart at 13:16, in the capital, he will arrive at 17:53. The train will run daily except Saturday. The cost of travel in 1st class – 374 UAH, 2nd – 247 UAH.

Источник: Kharkiv Civil Forum
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