Digest of events 25.06.14

Statement from Kharkov euro-maidan; Kharkov region does not plan to annex Svyatogorsk and Krasny Liman; new roadblocks to close all roads for terrorist usage from Luhansk; UAH 51 – penalty for insult against Putin; authorities in Kharkov offer legal help to victims of protests; Kharkov visited by sovіtnik political and questions EU delegation to Ukraine; in Kharkov the management of Mindohodov – new director; regular salt panic.


Kharkov Euro-Maidan is an informal organization of Free, Patriotic, Brave and Indifferent to people’s beliefs. The Euro-Maidan residents of Kharkov consider it necessary to make the following statement.

Today we are ever united in our commitment to build a European Kharkov, United, One and indivisible Ukraine. All attempts to artificially split Euro-Maidan, discredit the good name of the organization will be considered unacceptable. We urge the leaders of the Executive and law enforcement authorities to immediately restore order in our city, strictly prevent any Separatism, and Anti-Ukrainian Rallies, Marches and various other meetings that support terrorist.

We advocate for a change of the current system, full lustration, and the struggle for the Eradication of corruption, the prohibition of Anti-Ukrainian Political forces and the prompt investigation of Criminal cases against Kernes and Dobkin and other dignitaries, defamatory to Kharkov.

We believe that is our mission to control Power and to help the army, the wounded, refugees, beautify the city, National Symbols and conduct folk Veche. Our common goal – is to not allowed in Donbass be repeated in our city. We declare that Kharkov was, is and will be a Ukrainian city.

We will conduct the following national Veche on constitution day, 28 June at 17 o'clock at Freedom Square. We will have a great concert and a lot of fun. Also Kharkov Euro-Maidan supports the dedication, which will be held on Thursday, 26 june, at 18 o'clock at the monument to T. Shevchenko. It is dedicated to the day of Crimea-Tatar flag.


On behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk, Kharkov State Administration provides practical assistance to City Hall of Svyatogorsk in organizing the temporary accommodation and living spaces for the migrants from Donetsk and Lugansk regions, stated the chairman of HOAG, Igor Baluta, commenting on news reports of the probability of annexing Svyatogorsk and Krasny Liman to the Kharkov region, reported HOAG. «We will provide advice to Sviatogorsk and assistance to the officials of the Regional Administration, employees of the pension fund, the employment center, and utilities. I myself have visited the city, we communicate regularly with the Mayor Alexander Dziuba on various issues. Yet, the question of expanding the boundaries of the Kharkov region is not part of the discussions»- said Igor Baluta.

Kharkov governor notes that such issues lay solely within the competence of the central government, and any rumors about joining Svyatogorsk and Krasny Liman to the Kharkov region to assist refugees is not likely.


This was stated by deputy Chairman, chief of staff of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Vasyl Homa in a working visit to Kupyansky District, together with representatives from the Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kharkov border detachment they inspected the area bordering Lugansk region, reports Press service HOAG.

According to them, more roadblocks are necessary in order to block the main road from Lugansk to the Kharkov region. For there are individuals who are still intent upon destabilizing and complicating the situation in the region. «The Peace Initiative that the President put forward to the Separatist was not well received by the Separatist, stated the Deputy Director of the region.

During the three day truce, more than three dozen attacks on checkpoints have taken place. They were shelling, shooting with casualties mounting and killed. We should be preparing for the fact that the separatist will not lay down their arms and they will continue to fight. By the end of next week it is anticipated that all planned roadblocks will be up and running.


June 24, law enforcement authorities drew up a report on an administrative violation by activist of Euro-Maidan Kharkov Valentine Bystrichenko. The activist was at a loss of words to explain why the police say the chants they chanted in Freedom Square was abusive speech, and a violation of public order, «stated mykharkov.info”.

According to Maidan Activist, the protocol that the police are utilizing is article 173, from the code administrative offences – «petty hooliganism» minimum punishment under article – fine, 51 uah.


The city Kharkov will provide primary legal aid to affected parties from mass protests, the website of the city council. It can be obtained at the Kharkov city department of justice address: str. Petrovsky, 26, 1st fl., office. 3. Participants can receive free consultation and clarification on legal affairs, to file a complaint and other legal documents.

Affected parties can come and get these services, currently affected participants from rallies are visiting each day. The hours of operation are: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00 (time – from 13:00 to 13:45), those affected can go on the following days: Monday and Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00 (time – from 13:00 to 13:45), Friday – from 9:00 to 16:45 (time – from 13:00 to 13:45). To assist victims and members of their families who have limited mobility to visit an urban specialist the department of justice can go to the victim’s house, to arrange a home meeting, please call: 700-58-03.


Deputy city Mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, today, 25 June, held a meeting with an advisor of Public relations and Department of Political Affairs Policy of the EU Union to Ukraine, Pen Enerudom, The news service writes reports on the City council.

Per Enerudom visiting Kharkov first. According to him, the main Mission of his stay here – to understand the mood of authorities and residents of Kharkov, Principle of their interaction, and also generate for himself a multifaceted image of the city. For this stressed Pen Enerudom, it was not only to meet with representatives of urban and regional power, but also public figures and journalists.


Chief of operations, Chief directorate mindohodov in Kharkov Region appointed Colonel Tax Militia Sergey Merezhko. This is stated in Gu mindohodov decree in Kharkov Region from 20.06.2014 № 1804 on reports Lens with reference to Press service department.

The newly appointed director has spent almost his entire life in law enforcement agencies. For years of service he has demonstrated indifferent in Relating to the performance of official Duties, high Professionalism, firmness, good natured, noted in Mindohodov management.


In Kharkov supermarkets there is an unprecedented shortage in salt. Throughout the city there are rumors concerning the enterprise «Artyomsol» which is located in the Donetsk region, the enterprise was bombed so there is speculation that the supply of salt may not last a long time writes 057.ua. In large supermarkets and wholesale depots the buyers say there is no salt shortage. There are no salt supply issues, the regional administration said there is no problems with salt because the Artemovskii plant is operating normally and such rumors – no more information than «stuffing» commented on the rumors and the enterprise. As it turned out, similar hype has affected not only Kharkov, but a number other areas. According to the enterprise «Artyomsol» said: rumors are without no reason. «as 24.06.2014r. se» Artyomsol «works in normal mode, delivery of products to all Ukraine takes the field according to agreed plans, the needs of consumers met in a timely and in full», – said in a message on the official site.

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