Digest of events on the South-East of Ukraine, 03.05.2014

3 Days of Mourning in Kharkiv, Metalist Fans at Home, Russian "Aeroflot" all flights to Donetsk and Kharkiv cancelation, The action "We Are of the Same Blood@, Kharkiv Veche cancelation.

3 Days of Mourning declared in Kharkiv

According to the decree of acting President Alexander Turchinov, two days of mourning were declared in Ukraine for those who were killed in the course of antiterrorist operation in Donbas and as a result of yesterday's clashes in Odessa. According to him, yesterday "tragedy occurred, primarily due to the external provocations." The Kharkiv authorities, represented by the head of the regional administration Igor Baluta, announced May 3, 4 and 5 as mourning days in Kharkiv.

Despite the announcement of mourning, the gala concert took place today in Gorky park on its central alley. In Shevchenko’s Garden there’s live entertainment and music playing in the cafes.

Regional administration, after our request to pay attention to these facts of disrespect to the national tragedy, has promised to react. We hope that tomorrow Kharkiv will spend in silence, just as Lviv today. After all, there’s no someone else's misfortune, especially in such a stressful moment for the country.

Metalist Fans at Home

This afternoon at the South Station representatives of Antimaydan were planning the "meeting" of "Metalist" football fans who were returning from Odessa (from the match of the 28th round of the Championship of Ukraine), and who together with "Dynamo" fans had participated in the march "for the unity of the country." The train with football fans arrived two hours earlier at the station Kharkiv-Balashovskiy, thus ensuring relative safety to Kharkiv fans.

Russian "Aeroflot" Cancels all flights to Donetsk and Kharkiv till May 5th

As the airlines stated: " Aeroflot cancels flights Moscow - Kharkov -Moscow and Moscow -Donetsk- Moscow due to the absence of permission to enter the air zone of Ukraine. Due to the release of aircrafts, Aeroflot plans to increase the frequency of flights to Simferopol “. The company emphasizes that these restrictions of flights are temporary, and all the difficulties will have been eliminated by May 5. The passengers who booked for the flights before this date, can return their tickets without penalties.

We Are of the Same Blood (c)

Today, near the Shevchenko monument there was 
the action "We're of the same blood", that was arranged by the volunteer organization for the protection of animals "Kharkov Ark." Kharkiv dwellers had a chance not only to communicate with cats and dogs, but also to find a new furry friend. The aim of the action was to promote humane treatment of animals (pet sterilization in particular), as well as to collect donations for the maintenance of animal shelter and to find new owners fort the pets.

Veche Canceled

Due to the days of mourning, Kharkiv EuroMaydan canceled its Veche in support of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, scheduled for May 4. The festival "World without Borders", scheduled on May 4 in Gorky Park has also been postponed to the next day.

Gennady Kernes’s Health State is Stable

Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes yesterday was disconnected from the lungmotor. He's breathing on his own. All vital parameters are stable.

Источник: Kharkiv Crisis Infocenter (ХАкИ)
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