Digest of events on the South-East of Ukraine, 30.04.2014

Activist and Coordinator of Separatist Movement "South-East" Detained in Kharkiv; Kernes underwent another operation; Igor Baluta: Assassination Attempt on Mayor is Advantageous for Separatists; Kharkiv Prosecutor Warns of Provocations; May 1st in Kharkov: Euromaydan is not gathered, Antimaydan announces full mobilization; The Hearing of Dolgov’s Case Postponed Again; Police Call Buttons in Kharkiv; Flash mob "For Peace! For Ukraine!".

Activist and Coordinator of Separatist Movement "South-East" Detained in Kharkiv

Yuri Apukhtin, a member of the coordinating council of the movement "South-East" and one of the most active participants in city pro-Russian rallies has been detained in Kharkiv. Later there appeared the information about the arrest of another movement activist Spartak Golovachev. As reported on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the two men had been coordinating their actions outside the country to organize riots in Kharkiv. The detainees were informed of being suspected of committing a crime under art. 294 (Rioting) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
Movement "South-East" was founded in Kharkiv on March 30 of this year, during the pro-Russian rally. "South-East" brings together around 30 Kharkiv public organizations, including "Great Russ", "The essence of time", "Russ triune", etc.

Kernes underwent another operation

Mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes underwent the surgery in Israel. As it was stated on his Facebook page by Yuri Sidorenko, the director of the Department for Information and Public Relations of the Kharkiv city council, - “At 2 a.m. yet another operation was finished. It lasted 8 or 9 hours. I only know that doctors are very happy with the result.”

Igor Baluta: Assassination Attempt on Mayor is Advantageous for Separatists

Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Baluta considers provocative the statements of some politicians who say the authorities might be standing behind the assassination attempt on Gennady Kernes. According to Igor Baluta, on the contrary, what happened with the Mayor of Kharkiv, is advantageous today for those who want to destabilize the situation in the region. Igor Baluta said that relations between the Kharkiv Regional State Administration and the Kharkiv City Council were stable and consistent. He added that, apparently, the Mayor did not have any particular problems with the authorities in Kiev.

Kharkiv Prosecutor Warns of Provocations

Kharkiv region prosecutor Vasily Sinchuk addressed the residents of the region with a warning of possible provocations by radical groups during the May holidays, reports "Gorodskoy Dozor". According to Vasily Sinchuk, recently has been spotted a trend on escalating confrontation on weekends and holidays. From May 1 to May 4, the law enforcement officers will be working in emergency mode., mostly in places of mass recreation . According to him, the attempts by certain groups or individuals under the pretext of the order to commit unlawful acts will be prevented.

May 1st in Kharkov: Euromaydan is not gathered, Antimaydan announces full mobilization

Kharkiv Euromaydan organizers , unlike the pro-Russian Kharkiv activists, urge people not to go to rallies on May 1, to avoid clashes with opponents, writes Mediaport. Kharkiv Euromaydan posted on their Facebook page: “To avoid bloodshed and vicitms, Kharkiv Evromaydan asks all residents of Kharkiv region to ignore the provocative appeals and not to go to rallies on May 1st”.
On Thursday, by 12.00, the pro-Russian activists are gathering their supporters. In social networks "Antimaydan" groups declared "total mobilization".

The Hearing of Dolgov’s Case Postponed Again

Today the Court of Appeals of Kharkiv region continued the closed session on the case of Konstantin Dolgov , one of the leaders of Kharkiv pro-Russian activists.
In the courtroom there were three OSCE representatives - from Finland, the Czech Republic and Spain, as well as the head of the regional organization of the Communist Party Alla Aleksandrovskaya, and an MP, who, according to him, was ready to take the pro-Russian activist on bail. However, the court decided on the closed session, with no OSCE representatives allowed. In front of the Court there was a picket of around 30 people, mostly elderly women shouting “Junta out!”
The lawyers have agreed to hold a meeting in a videoconference format. The broadcast trial began in the presence of counsel and the prosecutor, the judge came out of the courtroom. When the judge returned there appeared some technical problems with broadcasting. Thus, the court decided to postpone the hearing. According to the lawyers of the detained activists, the court was postponed to May 7.

Police Call Buttons in Kharkiv

565 militia emergency call systems have been installed in Kharkov in all districts of the city. As reported in the General Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv region, these buttons are located in shops, supermarkets and other large retail outlets, convenience pharmacies, and malls.
On pressing the button, the state securities immediately leave for the place. In the case of an offense, they can, before the arrival of law enforcement officers, detain the offender, make the primary material or take him to the police department.

Flash mob "For Peace! For Ukraine! "

At the Monument of Independence on Constitution square there were several hundreds of Kharkiv dwellers who gathered despite the bad weather. Hundreds of Kharkiv students and teachers sang the Anthem of Ukraine. People got together call for peace and unity.


Источник: Kharkiv Crisis Infocenter (ХАкИ)
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