Digest of events on the South-East of Ukraine, 04.05.2014

Pro-Russian Activists Held a Rally, Despite the Injunction; FC "Metalist": Our fans are not guilty in the tragedy in Odessa; Baluta visited Soldiers wounded in the Antiterrorist Operation; Raked Helicopter is being repaired in Kharkiv region; Kernes posted his photo in social networks.

Pro-Russian Activists Held a Rally, Despite the Injunction

Despite the injunction on conducting any rallies and other public events in the center of Kharkiv, about 200 antimaydan activists, mainly elderly people, gathered on Freedom Square near the monument to Lenin. They were holding the flags of ultra organization "Borotba", "South-East", as well as communist, and Russian imperial banners.

According to one of the coordinators of the rally Vladimir Varshavskiy ("people's governor"), they knew about the injunction on mass actions , but so far, the authorities have not come to them with the request to stop the rally.

The aim of the meeting is to form the attitude to the events in Odessa. "We know that today the "Right Sector" and preparing violence against us", - said Vladimir Varshavskiy, without clarifying the source of information.

It should be noted that the separatist mood of the protesters is only getting worse. They are no longer satisfied with an option of a federal system, they want to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. The protesters held the placards "No federalization, secession only" and they aggressively respond to pro-Ukrainian-minded citizens.

Due to the lack of sound arguments, pro-Russian separatists invent some ridiculous ones. Thus, according to one of the activists, a batch of beer with intoxicants is being driven to the city, and, supposedly, the same beer was drunk by people in Kiev during confrontations on Maidan.

Also, at the meeting they called for a boycott of Ukrainian goods.

The order is protected the by two dozen policemen. And about 10 special policemen are guarding the entrance to the building of Kharkiv regional city administration.

FC "Metalist": Our fans are not guilty in the tragedy in Odessa

Riots with many casualties happened in Odessa on a match day of the Ukrainian Football Championship between the local "Chernomorets" and Kharkiv " Metalist ". The train with fans went from Kharkov to Odessa. Upon their return , " FC "Metalist" , made the following statement:

"Some media have reported that among the perpetrators of the tragedy in Odessa there were the “Metalist” fans. Our club officially declares that during the most violent confrontations all fans of "Metalist" were already on the station, staying on the train and on the platform . We are pleased to announce that all five hundred fans who travelled on fan train returned home safe and sound. Our club firmly rejects any allegations of involvement of our fans in the riots. "Metalist" was , is and will be out of politics . "

Baluta visited Soldiers wounded in the Antiterrorist Operation

The Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Baluta visited soldiers who after being injured during the ATO in Donetsk region are being treated at the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Northern region (Kharkiv). "The governor thanked the solgiers for their courage and heroism, and wished them a speedy recovery," - said Marina Shevchenko, governor's press secretary.

Raked Helicopter is being repaired in Kharkiv region

Repair works on the helicopter Mi-8MTs are being carried out in the Kharkiv region in the location of one of the field camps.

"The army aviation helicopter, which had been in air patrol, was raked by separatists. Thanks to the skillful and professional actions of the pilots, the aircraft successfully reached the field aerodrome, despite the fact that some devices and systems were incapacitated ''- the website the Ministry of Defense states.

Kernes posted his photo in social networks

Kharkiv Mayor Gennadiy Kernes posted on social networks the photo of him in an Israeli hospital, "We have to live strong! Thank you all! I'll be back! "- Kernes wrote in the comments under the photo (http://www.segodnya.ua/img/gallery/5177/29/554495_tn.jpg).

May 1 after four operations Kharkiv Mayor Gennadiy Kernes regained consciousness. Now Kharkiv Mayor is the largest hospital in northern Israel - Rambam Medical Center (Haifa). There he was transferred from a private clinic "Elisha." His wife Oksana Haisinskay is next to him now in the hospital.

Источник: Kharkiv Crisis Infocenter (ХАкИ)
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