Digest of events 17-18.05.14

Ukrainian round table of national unity has been held in Kharkiv; Pro-russian activists picketed Ukrainian round table of national unity; Ukrainian military repelled the attack of terrorists near Izum; More than 120 Kharkiv medical volunteers completed military training; Families of the mobilized were promised to be taken to battalion deployment; Kharkiv supported Crimean Tatars; In Kharkiv separatists call to ignore the elections.

Ukrainian round table of national unity has been held in Kharkiv

The second round table of national unity took place on May 17 in Kharkiv. The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, the members of the Cabinet, former Ukrainian Presidents Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma, Acting Kharkov Mayor Alexander Novak, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergey Chernov and others, – the press service of the city council informs.

The topic of the discussion was the decentralization of power as a solution that aims to resolve the currently existing conflict in the east of Ukraine, and to unite all regions of the country.

During the meeting, the memorandum of peace and concord was approved, which will be forwarded for consideration to the Parliament. It is assumed that the document can dramatically improve the situation. In the memorandum, in particular, it is said that the Verkhovna Rada supports quadripartite agreements that were signed in Geneva, and condemns the use of weapons and violence in the country.

Memorandum also assumes that Verkhovna Rada will provide immediate constitutional reform, the basis of which will be the decentralization of state power. This, in turn, provides a non-aligned status of Ukraine, which means that the question of entering various international associations and organizations will be determined only on the results of a referendum.

Also, according to the memorandum, the regional and district state administrations will be eliminated, and executive committees of regional and district councils will be formed. The region financial resources will be provided through equitable distribution of budget incomes. In addition, it is envisaged that the residents of the regions will be able to decide on their issues in local referendums.

The document also reckons for judicial reform, reform of police and prosecutors, the fight against corruption, simplification of procedures for the impeachment of the President of the country and status security of the Russian language. The document makes provisions for an amnesty for participants in the riots, but only for those who have not committed serious crimes.

Pro-russian activists picketed Ukrainian round table of national unity

About 50 people with St. George ribbons and red flags came to the hotel, where the second Ukrainian round table of national unity was taking place.

Initially, people rallied at the monument to Lenin, then moved to the hotel «Kharkiv Palace», chanting «Down with the Junta,» and «Fascism will not pass!» The building was heavily guarded by law enforcement officers. Traffic was blocked on all the adjacent streets.

Ukrainian military repelled the attack of terrorists near Izum

At night on May 18, military checkpoint near Izum was shelled from the side of Donetsk. The firing was made from small arms, sniper rifles and grenade launchers. In the confrontation two soldiers of the National Guard were injured.

More than 120 Kharkiv medical volunteers completed military training

More than 120 graduates of the department of medicine of catastrophes and military medicine of Kharkiv National Medical University successfully completed military training. The special studies involved the students who for four years have been studying military disciplines to master the profession of a military doctor.

Upon completion of military training all graduates stated their willingness to provide medical assistance to the citizens of Donetsk or elsewhere.

Families of the mobilized were promised to be taken to battalion deployment

On May 16, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Baluta met the families of personnel of territorial defense battalion of Kharkiv. The relatives of the mobilized were concerned with the issues of unscheduled transferring the battalion to Lugansk region.

According to Igor Baluta, on Thursday the letter was sent to the General Staff in which it was stressed that the battalion is needed for the protection of Kharkiv region. «We expressed our view that the battalion should be in the region», – said Baluta.

At the meeting with relatives of the mobilized, it was decided to send in another letter to the General Staff. Kharkiv Regional State Administration also promised to organize a trip for the families of the mobilized to the place of battalion deployment.

Kharkiv supported Crimean Tatars

A peaceful march, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, took place on May 18 in the center of Kharkiv. More than three hundred people gathered at the monument to Shevchenko and, after a brief rally, the column marched down Sumskaya Street.

In Kharkiv separatists call to ignore the elections

On May 18 near the monument to Lenin at the pro-Russian rally, the separatist leader Yuri Apukhtin claimed that they will hold a «referendum after Donetsk and Lugansk».

«Our task is, in any case, do not go to the elections. We must gather on May 25th on this square... We do not recognize these elections», – said Apukhtin. At the same time he criticized the Ukrainian second round table of national unity, which was held in Kharkiv on May 17, and noted that he refused to take part in it, even though he was invited.

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