Digest of events on the South-East of Ukraine, 06.05.2014

Parade in Kharkiv canceled for safety reasons; Kharkiv authorities refused from st. George ribbons; Euromaydan activists recall the «Prisoners Of Bolotnaya»; Pro-russian meeting in memory of the killed in Odessa; In the center of Kharkiv vandals hand-painted Momument to Independence of Ukraine; Another monument in Kharkiv desecrated; The wounded and killed near Slov’ansk are carried to Kharkiv; Kharkiv officials visited the border with «hot» Donetsk region; Anarchists marched through the center of Kharkiv; Ukrainian railways changed train routes to the east; Match between «Sevastopol» and «Metalist» postponed again; Kernes’s health state improved.

Parade in Kharkiv canceled for safety reasons

Military parade, which was scheduled for May 9 on Freedon Square, has been canceled. Today, May 6, it was said by the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Baluta during a press conference. The Governor noted that the Kharkiv authorities took this decision because of possible provocations.

Kharkiv authorities refused from st. George ribbons

This year Kharkiv regional state administration will not be engaged in centralized distribution of St. George ribbons before Victory Day, as it used to be in previous years. As the director of the Department of Mass Communication of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Eugeniy Yaroshenko said, due to the fact that in recent months George Ribbon has been actively used by separatists and provocateurs, it may give rise to conflicts between people, informs «Gorodskoy Dozor».

This year in Ukraine at official Victory Day events, the European symbolism of memory of the fallen in the war will be used - the red poppy. The idea and the graphic picture is the result of cooperation between the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory and the National Television Company of Ukraine.

Euromaydan activists recall the «Prisoners Of Bolotnaya»

Today, about three dozen Kharkiv citizens came to the Russian consulate. According to the protesters , they came out to support all political prisoners , but they particularly allocate what happened on May 6, 2012 in Moscow on Bolotnaya Sguare. Consulate representatives did not come out to the protesters and after half an hour the action was over and people went home peacefully.

Pro-russian meeting in memory of the killed in Odessa

In Kharkiv near the Mirror Stream, the supporters of federalization of Ukraine held a rally in memory of those who were killed in Odessa. The participants of the meeting ( about 100 people) laid flowers and lit the candles. They were joined by about 100 people more who came in an organized column from Freedom Square , where they had held their meeting , also dedicated to the memory of the killed in Odessa.

Protesters were holding the flags of the movement «Borotba» and the city of Kharkiv. People were chanting : «Do not forget , do not forgive», «Kharkiv, get up!», «Fascism will not pass!», «One for all and all for one».

In the center of Kharkiv vandals hand-painted Momument to Independence of Ukraine

Monument to Independence of Ukraine on Constitution Square was painted by vandals with slogans. On the pedestal the words «Glory to Ukraine « were crossed with the red paint, the pedestal was hand-painted with the political slogans associated with social organizations and the latest events in Ukraine. In particular, there was written: «For Odessa we will take revenge», «Ultras, wait!», and the obscene statements against the «Right Sector.» From the morning «Harkovzelenstroy « workers have been cleaning out the paint.

At the scene, the police seized the evidence (paint residues), and removed the records from the surveillance cameras.

Another monument in Kharkiv desecrated

The unidentified have painted the pedestal of the monument to Eudokim Shcherbinin,that is near Kharkiv regional state administration. On the monument to the first Governor of Kharkiv the unknown red-painted «ПТН ХЛО»

The wounded and killed near Slov’ansk are carried to Kharkiv

In Kharkov Military Medical Clinical Center of the Northern region more than ten soldiers are being treated. According to the chief of the Clinical Centre Viktor Polishchuk, five wounded soldiers were brought for the past two days. Basically , they have gunshot wounds of varying severity and localization. Doctors estimate their condition as satisfactory.

The military also reported that in the hospital there are the bodies of five pilots killed in helicopter shelling by hitmen, three of them are being identified.

Kharkiv officials visited the border with «hot» Donetsk region

Kharkiv Governor Igor Baluta , the Head of the Regional Police Anatoliy Dmitriev and the Commander of National Guard of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak on May 6 visited Izium region , which borders the Donetsk region , where now anti-terrorist operation is being carried out. The officials got acquainted with the work of the operations staff of the antiterrorist center working in the area. That is the place where the coordination of all services and the forces takes place to ensure the safety of residents of Kharkiv. Totally in Kharkiv region on the border with Russia , as well as on the border with Donetsk and Luhansk regions there are 24 blockposts along with strengthened stationary traffic police posts.

Anarchists marched through the center of Kharkiv

In Kharkiv the Anarcho-May Day was held under the black, black and white, black and blue, black and green and anarcho-feminestic flags. There were the flags of anarcho-pacifists and anarcho-technists. Anarcho-syndicalists decided against raising their flags to avoid provocations. The anarchists marched from the monument to Shevcheno to Constitution Square, reports RobinzonTV.

Ukrainian railways changed train routes to the east

To get to Donetsk and Lugansk regions from Kharkiv is getting more difficult. Ukrainian Railways changed the itineraries of 17 pairs of trains eastwards. The trains will go to the detour area Slov’yansk – Kramators’k – Kostiantynivka, writes «Segodnja».

Match between «Sevastopol» and «Metalist» postponed again

The match of 22 round in which «Metalist» will play with «Sevastopol», will be held in Kiev at Dinamo stadium on May 7 at 17:00. This match was canceled in Sevastopol by acting Governor Sergei Menyailo. Then the game was planned to be held in Zaporozhye, but the local authorities refused to organize the match.

Kernes’s health state improved

The health condition of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, who was wounded on April 28 in an attack, has improved: he can already sit, eat and talk. This is reported by Israeli doctors. Gennady Kernes is now in Rambam Hospital, where he was transferred from a private clinic two days ago. Doctors from several hospitals had performed a very complicated operation that lasted 8 hours.

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