Digest of events 23.05.14

In Kharkiv a roadblock was fired upon again; Kharkov battalion will soon leave in Donetsk region; the army will call up patriots and high school graduates can enroll in universities; the Mindohodov is nominated as chief tax collector; in Kharkiv a new campaign of cleanliness; Kharkov ladies visited the hundred square; the results of the action "come to the elections! defend the country!"; "the church for one day", postponed indefinitely; in Kharkov, fire was set to the city's largest flag of Ukraine.


On the evening of 22nd May, the outpost in Barvienkowski on the border with the Donetsk region, was fired upon by unknown sniper. There were no injuries reported, the investigation continues.

According to the media group "Objective", the Chairman of the Rayon State Administration Barvenkovskoj, Mark Becker, A checkpoint near the town was attacked for about four hours in the evening. There were several employees of the National Guard and local police present

The head of the district suggested that the gun fire was from a SVD Dragunov rifle, Cnajperskoj-which is currently in service with the Russian and the Ukrainian army. The attackers fired 4-5 rounds at the checkpoint, part of the defensive positions of the checkpoint was supported by columns of APC’s that were stationed nearby, Shell casing were not found in the immediate area, they continue to search the area for evidence.

It is noted that this is one of four roadblocks in the area of the Barvenkovŝiny that were established as defensive positions. According to Marc Becker, it is now necessary to continue to reinforce the defensive positions of other outposts.


Territorial defense battalion of the Kharkov regional military serving in Eastern Ukraine. On May 23, “SQ” informed us at the Kharkov regional media center. The battalion formed in late April consisting of draftees from the Kharkov region.

The military reported that soldiers are currently on duty at checkpoints located on roads and near villages and towns. Also they will be stationed to protect important facilities and administrative buildings throughout the region. "Yesterday, private entrepreneurs, consisting of locksmiths and managers, will carry out important tasks for the establishment of peace and stability in the neighboring areas. They will be assisting local authorities in maintaining peace and order in the region. This was done to help calm the fears of mothers and wives of military personnel currently deployed during the crisis, said Deputy Military Commissioner of the oblvoenkomata Yuri Kalguškin.

The Kharkiv regional Governor Igor Balut on May 16, reminded reporters that the Administration is working to deploy the territorial battalion that was created into the territory of Kharkov region


At a press conference conducted by Deputy Military Commissioner of the Kharkiv oblast, Yuri Kalguškin, stated the following at the regional Defense Ministry's Media Center.

According to the Deputy Chief, voenkomatami Kharkiv region in May-July is scheduled to call up 2250 conscripts for military service, of which 1635 residents have already filled the ranks of the armed forces of Ukraine, 550 will serve in the National Guard, and the others will serve in State special transport service. More than 1300 men will be based at a military post. They will be replacing those soldiers that were military enlistment offices in March, Acting on the basis of the Decree of the President of Ukraine "on partial mobilization. "In total for the Kharkiv region they plan to call up approximately 3500 conscripts.

On the possible call in rajvoenkomaty, young men who leave high school this year and are going on to higher education, Deputy Military Commissioner explained: "the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine provides for the implementation of measures to ensure the exercise of the constitutional right to an education, recruits graduating from high school this year. We are reassuring parents of soldiers, and conscripts will in the near future. These young men will not be involved in conducting any anti-terrorist operations. "

In addition, as noted by Kalguškin, at the time of recruitment in Kharkiv region, priority will be given to volunteers and Patriots, they will be given priority for volunteering for service. This will ensure that the call up of conscripts will be minimal.


For the first time in Ukraine, at the initiative of Kharkiv civil forum it held public the interviews with potential candidates for the post of head of the regional tax office of the Kharkiv region. The result of the public discussion approved the candidacy of Mikhail Gagarkina, General Director of the enterprise "Estate Management". Summary, the winner today has been sent for approval by the Ministry of revenue and taxes.


Municipal services will ensure the removal of campaign material after the elections of the President of Ukraine on 00:00 23 May. The city will ensure that all campaign material is removed after the election in accordance with the executive order of the acting Kharkov City Administrator Alexander Nowak. The Executive Order was signed in compliance with established regulation and law, of part 2 of art. 57, p. 17. 64 of the law of Ukraine "on elections of President of Ukraine, the site of the City Hall.

In addition, the urban management RESEARCH AFFAIRS of Ukraine in the Kharkov region are encouraged to comply with the laws on the modalities and timing of the posting of electoral propaganda.


Women's Hundred Square appeared at the height of the revolution, the Women’s group, stated that is imperative to establish a goal that stated agenda is for the specific purpose for gender equality. The activists do not support any political parties, they have differing views and position themselves as a human rights group, reports ATN.

At a meeting with women activists, hundreds of Women were able to actively ask five dozen women questions about events that occurred at Maidan, and how they see the further development of the situation in the country. This did not escape the attention of the meeting and the representatives from the Kharkov Antimajdana. More precisely, the women's movement, which does not agree with the position of the current political parties. They urge women not only to not get involved in conflicts, but also to not let their husbands and sons be lead into war or revolution.

Among the participants of the Antimajdana and sotnicami the debate became extremely intense, which lasted for an hour, but they agreed that the most important task is to unite the country and to restore peace in Ukraine.


In Kharkiv region it summed up the information campaign "come to the elections! Defend the country! "which was held in Ukraine before the presidential elections," City watch ".

From 13 to 23 May, members of the Foundation of local democracy, Committee of voters of Ukraine, the civil network opora Avtomajdana "and activists visited both large cities and small towns of the region. People were handing out yellow and blue ribbons and flags, and urged to come to the polls and cast your vote for one of the candidates. Total, the mobile teams have visited more than twenty towns and villages.

"Our mobile teams were not working for any political party or candidate. We wanted to convey to the people that they can protect Ukraine, for it is encouraged that everyone participate in the elections, for it is our future. "Said the Head Of local democracy Olga Miroshnyk.


Organizers of the project has not yet received formal permission from the city authorities. In addition, the church for one day, "still need to raise about 55 thousand UAH, said MG" objective ".

Children's Theatre "Timur" are confident that soon it will be allowed to put pursue their idea and eventually overcome the forced postponement and collect the missing funds. "With us there is a lot of people, at least half of Kharkiv is aware of this and support for the idea that you need to build a Church for the sake of peace," said the head of the children's Theatre "Timur" Anton Zhilyakov.

We build the church for the night was being planned for 24 May. Directors of the project said, that according to an old belief it can stop the bloodshed in the country.


This evening, the biggest flag of Ukraine in Kharkiv was set on fire. But local activists do not despair, a new flag already been order and it will be much larger than the previous one.

We remind you that the desecration of national symbols of Ukraine is punishable by a fine of up to 50 untaxed minimum, and detention for up to six months or imprisonment of up to two years (article 338 of the Criminal Code).

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