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The detained saboteur described the militant training camp in the Rostov region; survivor of the downed helicopter near Slavyansk hospitalized in Kharkov; Kharkov students donate military flak jackets; enterprises of Kharkiv region will receive orders from the defense ministry of ukraine; the end of the school year; Kharkivs'kyi cadet corps announces first military cadet corp.; creating a map of road condition problems in Kharkiv.


A Terrorist was captured near the town of Isium, he was attempting to enter the Area of Terrorist Operation armed with a Kalashnikov and a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher, and he stated he was fighting for Russia, Details:

From his interrogation it was revealed that he was trained along with 150 other terrorist who were being trained by the FSB and GRU in camps in the Rostov region. He stated that they we’re being trained for war with Russian troops-and prepared for rapid deployment. The Military Instructor responsible for their training was a GRU Colonel Igor Bezler, known as the “Demon”. After the militants were moved into Ukraine and positioned into their area of operations with specific missions.

The detainee revealed the following information:

- Where were you sent after training camp? – To the Donetsk oblast. -What missions were you given in the Donetsk region?

We were told to “Fight”!

Being more specific with our missions, we were to engage military/militia roadblocks and units working in the Anti-Terrorist Operations.

The detainee also stated: to correctly train the future fighters during training camp they were forbidden to use mobile phones and the Internet. They were only allowed to watch news from of one of the central Russian channels.

Recall that the terrorist was detained at one of the roadblocks near Isium. The man was literally burdened down with weapons that he was transporting: he was seized with the Kalashnikov assault rifle, an anti-tank grenade launcher, as well as with rations and other supplies. The grenade launcher was already an outdated model.

Earlier, another leader of the separatists from Kramatorsk, in the Kharkov Oblast region of Ukraine was caught while attempting to travel back to Russia. Ivan Lysenko, better known by his nickname Psycho, organized and armed a group of 40 militants to destabilize the situation in the city. In his own words, “in Donetsk, we participated in the capture of police station in Kramatorsk, we also stormed City Hall and the airfield.


The Isium Interdistrict Prosecutors office is overseeing the investigation into the terrorist attack upon soldiers in the area.

Criminal proceedings were registered in Isium Prosecutors office of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region of h. 3. 258 of the Criminal Code (terrorist act, resulted in loss of life).

Previous action, according to the National Guard of Ukraine, on 29 January, terrorists attacked a vehicle that was transporting members of the military. Soldiers from a regiment of the National Guard were returning from duty (of outposts). Near the village of Kamenka in the Kharkiv region, were unexpectedly fired upon first by unknown automatic weapons, and then they were furtherer attacked by a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

As a result of the terrorist attack a 19 year old soldier was killed. Also two other soldiers ages 22 and 25 were taken to the hospital for their injuries.


Today the family members of the of MI-8 helicopter pilot that was shot down by militants in the Slavic region of Donetsk were located.

"Yes, they wounded our 35-year-old cousin Alexander M. Now he is being transported to a hospital in Kharkov. His wife and 11-year-old daughter Paulina are very worried for him, but hope for the best. He is a resident of Alexandria, Kirovograd oblast, professional pilot and a wonderful person, "said a relative of the pilot.

As you know, on May 29 the Slavic fighters shot down a MI-8 of the National Guard of Ukraine.12 people who were on board were killed. Among them are six soldiers of the National Guard, including the helicopter crew, and six representatives of Almaz. One soldier survived.


May 30, 2014 students of Kharkiv National Medical University gave over 15 personal body armor for 22 of the territorial defense battalion, the press-service of the Kharkov regional organization Svoboda.

Chapter KNMU Vladimir Forest supported the student initiative to "protect the troops and sent letters to the rectors of the universities of Kharkov to take sponsorship over the battalion units, 057. ua.

The head of the Kharkiv "Freedom" Kharkiv 22 battalion platoon commander of territorial defense Lieutenant Alexei Mirgorodsky received the flak jackets, he thanked the Rector and students for helping to protect their soldiers: “the soldiers and I personally thank you for your support. Of course, we need to feel safe from injury. The level of protection for soldiers of the Ukrainian army depends on the level of security needed to protect Ukrainians from the terrorist invaders. I support the initiative to "protect the soldier" and urge people at this time to exercise their citizenship and solidarity. Serve the people!"


During a meeting with the trade union organizations of Kharkiv oblast Chairman HOAG Igor Baluta.

"These are serious plant orders from Malysheva, from all 12 enterprises of Ukroboronproma. Also you will be receiving the specific orders for production of transport aircraft aviation equipment. We have tried to establish them in the territory of the Kharkiv region, because we need to diversify our production. We will really lose the relationship we have with the Russian Federation, and to be frank, these relationships will not be renewed. It is necessary to understand that we work toward diversifying our customer base or consider moving into a different product base this year "said Igor Baluta”.


The school director’s final meeting of the school year was devoted to the end of the school year were held today, May 30, at #182 school of Kharkiv City Council press service writes.

This year, the schools had completed 7th through grade 11 students and about 9 thousand. -9-th classes. Gold medals for successful studies will be receive by 473 graduate, and silver medals by-109 students.

Remember, tomorrow, May 31, all educational institutions throughout the city will be holding graduation with the awarding of certificates. And from June 3 through the 27 of June graduates will be held the first testing of the external independent evaluation on 14 years of academic subjects.


State boarding school with a heavy military and physical training “Cadet Corps " enrolls in classes 9 and 10. The Deputy Chief of boarding school Alexei Magilin.

According to him, this is the first such institution in Ukraine. While in high school there are two courses providing training for about a hundred young men of the 10th and 11th grades. This year, the cadet corps plan to recruit about 250 people.

Cadets are in the facility around the clock seven days a week. Their content - food and lodging – are provided by the state. In 2015, the Cadets will gain fifth graders.

Regard to the final deposition of high school graduates, they have privileges for admission to all military or police universities in the Kharkiv region and are on separate program. Enough for them to pass independent external evaluation and score at least the minimum number of points.


Internet users have created a service “Map of Kharkov road condition problems." It is used to mark the point where there are no traffic lights, potholes or violations of traffic rules.

Project initiator Vitaly Sobchenko told "Media”: an idea borrowed from the service “Map of Lviv traffic problems." Lviv resource was created since the beginning of April. Any user can mark the spot and indicate a problem that exists there. The Map is based on the service Google Maps Engine. On the same platform and created “Map of Kharkov road condition hazards.”

The map was only created last night, but people have already left hundreds of tags.

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