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On Harkovschyne lydyruet Poroshenko; Dobkin congratulated Petro Poroshenko; Antimaidan advocacy did not recognize the election and picketed the consulate; low turnout in Kharkiv because of voter intimidation; the prosecutor's office received 4 complaints from the Kharkiv region; criminal cases in Kharkov "griffin" and "the golden eagle" taken to court; Metalist will return to the city?; Gennady Kernes: “I intend to soon return home!”; high school graduates gala at liberty square has been changed.


According to the CEC, Poroshenko is in the lead all of the electoral districts of Kharkiv region except one-178 (Velikoburlukskij, Volchansk, Dvurechansky, Pecheneg, Chuguyevsky district and Chuguev). A majority of people here have cast their ballot for Mikhail Dobkin-33.51%, according to the official website.

The preference in most districts of Kharkov as well: in the first place-Petro Poroshenko, the second-the third Mikhail Dobkin, Sergey Tigipko, the fourth-fifth-Yulia Tymoshenko-Anatoliy Gritsenko and Oleg Lyashko, reports ATN.

Interestingly, Petro Poroshenko, won all 50 electoral districts, except one. The 178 territorial electoral district in the Kharkov region Michael Dobkin will win for sure in this district only. Now there's rendered 96.17% of ballots and Dobkin ahead of Poroshenko on more than six per cent, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine".


Another presidential contender Mikhail Dobkin admitted his defeat in the elections and has called the President "Petro Poroshenko.

"We have not had any contact so far, in addition to a personal acquaintance. In the early stages we were in Parliament. Now Poroshenko has received the trust of the people and was elected President of the country, "he Told the TV channel" 1 +1 "," objective ".

"I think he has to be congratulated on his victory and to wish that he fulfills the hopes and dreams of the citizens of Ukraine, which, above all, the hope for peace," said Mikhail Dobkin at a press conference on 26 May.

However, according to several sources, the party of regions Kharkiv, has recovered behind the scenes discussing the alleged arrangements between the newly elected head of State and regional elites. In particular we are talking about a possible return to the leadership of the party; it also includes higher levels of district presidents to head of HOAG.


The people were carrying posters-Russia-Ukraine-Belarus "," Europe, stop Kiev junta "and flags of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, of the people's Republic of China", "South-East" and George's Ribbon, MG "objective".

Among the protesters, were primarily elderly women. According to them, they do not accept the legitimacy of the elections because of the situation in the country, and so brought the consuls of Russia, Germany, Poland and Austria with 1.5 thousand signatures from residents. It expressed their position, and was asking the powers of Europe and the Russian Federation do not accept the elections because the vote did not include all citizens of Ukraine. From the current authorities in Kiev they were demanding that the military forces withdraw, and to end the civil war. According to them, none of the current candidates were worthy to be the new head of State.

In addition, protesters say the possibility of the President and the transition to the bicameral system of governance, as in some European countries.


This was announced today at a press conference in Kharkiv, head of the information center "Maidan" Natalka ZUBAR, was Monitoring, writes NovostiUA.net.

Recently active rumors concerning terrorist attacks, attacks on Election Day. Another major concern was the rumors concerning the rights of young people, who may be drafted and called up into the Army. This was deliberate information warfare. I personally know people who were frightened, and left the city, "she said. This is psychological terrorism, it must stop "in Kharkov.

According to ZUBAR, this was done to intimidate citizens and was delivered by three main channels: the Russian media, rumors and leaflets. The expert also emphasized that it was aware of cases in which the information provided to people have significantly deteriorated health status-and has increased the amount of heart attacks.

At the same time, according to experts, the results of the elections have not significantly affected the decline in turnout.


Prosecutors during the preparations for and the holding of early elections of the President of Ukraine within the authority provided a rule of law for the citizens guarantying the right to vote by the Constitution of Ukraine electoral law. The press-service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Kharkiv region.

Total in Kharkiv oblast Prosecutor's Office there were several complaints concerning the electoral process, four received investigation. Three of them concerned the confusion at the polls, one-failure to ensure polling equipment.

Two are aimed at conditioning in district electoral commissions. Other applicants are apprised of their right to recourse to the precinct or district commissions or body conducting the State Register of voters. Criminal proceedings from the public prosecutor's Office were not recorded.


The case involving organized crime groups "Griffin" and "Golden Eagle", for banditry and robbery under the guise of apprehending criminals, taken to court, "day writes.

All four members of the group are accused of committing the crimes envisaged by art. 257 (banditry), ch. 28, art. 3 h 1 article 263 (illegal handling of firearms), h. 3 article 146 (unlawful deprivation of freedom or kidnapping committed by an organized group), h. 4 Article 187 (robbery, committed by an organized group), h. 3 article 289 (illegal possession of the vehicle, committed by an organized group) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, Kharkiv region Prosecutor's Office said.

In addition, two members of the OPG (fighters "Griffin" and "Golden Eagle") are charged with abuse of powers


The Metalist stadium is planned to return to communal ownership, first Deputy Chairman StrojObzoru HOAG Igor Rajnin. According to the official, now the issue is to be resolved in the courts.

"The first thing that made the head of the regional administration was to initiate a lawsuit on procedures for the sale of Stadium" metallist ". HOAG has filed documents to the Prosecutor's Office, the Prosecutor's Office transmits complaints to the court. There are three current cases. The Treaty stipulated that after the decision of the Regional Council for a month the money should have been fully received on account of the oblast budget. The money was not received and the associated reaction to this infraction ",-said Rajnin.

We remind the deputies of the Regional Council of Stadium "metallist" was sold for over 674 million hryvnia LLC SC "metallist" Stadium, which is part of the football club Stadium, owned by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GC «VETÈK» Sergey Kurchenko. In the negations for the sale, according to the current legislation, 10% of the cost of Stadium "metallist" has arrived on the mortgage account.


Rehabilitation of the City of Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes continues and he is gradually returning to normal life. In an interview, Gennadiy Kernes to the newspaper "Today", as reported by the City Council.

The Mayor commented on the rumors that he himself staged the attack. "I think that those who want my death, spread rumors that I faked the assassination myself. Shot from a distance, Sniper, shot in the heart. After doctors assessed the injuries I received my chances of surviving as one in a million. Any sane person would understand: why would I be staging my own assassination with such risk to my life, "said Gennady Kernes.

In addition, the Mayor questioned about his own personal accounts. He wants more investigation into why was he attacked? Was it due to his position that Kharkov is an integral part of the one and indivisible? Gennadiy Kernes said, that he does not even know the status of the investigation into his assassination attempt on his life, because no one has discussed this issue with him at all.

In addition, Gennadiy Kernes said that he manages to lead the city of Kharkov from Israel over the phone. "So far, the system works. But I intend to return home soon! Therefore, everything will be fine, "said the Mayor


For the schools in Kharkov region "the last Bell “usually on 30 May. On the 26 of May, informed the "SQ" in Kharkov oblast State administration. School graduation will take place on May 31. The traditional ball of graduates of Kharkiv, which takes place usually on pl. Freedom, this year that is when it will take place.

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