Digest of events 24-25.05.14

The voter turnout for Kharkiv-47.7%; OSCE observers satisfied with elections in Kharkiv; Kharkiv region recorded a single violation; the number of violations compared to the previous election year of 2010 was only 10%; police recorded 11 incidents and events pertaining to the elections; Kharkov military voted; in the center of Kharkov pro-Russian activists protested; “ultras football club fans” in Kharkiv commemorated the memory of the fallen soldiers.


This was received at a press conference in the Kharkiv region for the special election for the President of Ukraine Chairman of Kharkov REGIONAL STATE ADMINISTRATION Igor Balut, stated to the the press-service of the HOAG.

"As of 20:00 Kharkov, the polling stations were closed, with a preliminary turnout of 47.7%. 2 million from 156 000. 787 voters into 1 million votes. 27th. 261 voter. The districts with the highest voter turnout of 60.7%-Začepilovskij, Bliznûkovskij-55.6%, 55.2%,-Izyumsky Sahnovŝanskij district is 53.7%, Dvurechansky-53.7%. The lowest turnout was recorded in the following cities Kupyansk-38.7%, g. Izium-39%, pervomajskij-41.1%, chuhuyiv-42.2%, and Balakleysky area-42.4%, "said the Voting Commission President.


Today, at a press conference, the French Foreign Ministry's OSCE observers Eric Fournier and Didier Le Bret noted that the early elections were held in democratic conditions. They noted that in the morning they met with representatives of the Governor, and visited several of the election commissions. Didier Le Bret said that Kharkov was selected by the OSCE mission, as a city that symbolizes the reconciliation of the people in the country, reports ATN.


It was announced today that during the marathon "early elections of the President of Ukraine-2014" said the head of the Kharkiv Branch of the Committee of voters of Ukraine, Mikhail Kamchatny, the official website of the HOAG.

"The overall appearance of the voting by 11:00 had increased over earlier times by 20% more people casting their votes, and an 16% in Kharkov. An indicative percentage of voting at home in 1-2%,-3-4%. There were isolated cases of procedural violations that did not have an effect upon the overall election result. Situations that developed where that not all ballot papers were pulled from the safe, which is a procedural violation. In particular, in District # 631557 section 174, said Mikhail Kamchatny.

He also noted that in the village of Kulynychi conflict occurred, where the President of the Commission has withdrawn by the police.

On Friday prior to the election the appointed Chairman of the District Election Commission was replaced without his knowledge. And when morning came in the OIC, at a mandatory preparatory meeting, his replacement showed up to take control of the meeting. The previous committee Chairman stated that if he was appointed to the position that he must stay on for the election. As a result of the altercation, it ended with the previous Chairmen being removed by the police, "said Mikhail Kamchatny.


During the election campaign of 2014, the number of violations compared to the 2010 year fell to only 10 percent of previous years. This was during a press conference in the Kharkiv region for the special election for President of Ukraine stated the head of SECURITY SERVICE of UKRAINE for the Kharkov region Alexander Brewer, the location of HOAG.

"In the run-up to the elections we studied previous situations at our operational headquarters, which were recorded in the 2010, during the electoral campaign of President of Ukraine in the Kharkov region. If we compare the mechanisms, standard operational procedures and special situations that might interfere or affect the course of the electoral process in 2010 year to date, such events as compared to 2010 year were only 10% of the previous elections. All of them were local and resolved. We certify this as a completely democratic process, an expression of free will and unbiased election, which took place in the territory of Kharkov region ",-said Alexander Brewer.


This was during a press conference in the Kharkiv region for the special elections of the President of Ukraine, head of the main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kharkov region Anatoly Kuznetsov. According to him, the militia units, did considerable work to ensure public order and safety of the citizens during the elections, stated the website HOAG.

"Few incidents did take place outside the areas of the elections. People gathered at freedom square, unhappy with the early elections of the President. Not all of these people were peaceful and cooperative. In one bag, the miltia identified 4 smoke grenades, cartridges balls for air guns were also found. They also detained four people between the ages of 14 to 24 years of who had in their possession the following: steel rod, 2 masks, knife, and 2 gas cans. In the area there was also a fire. The fire was a result of faulty electrical wiring fire in the building. It was identified as the election headquarters of Yulia Tymoshenko. Analyzing all these events, we can say that they did not have an affect the electoral process.

The provincial police Chief also said that on Election Day, there were several events that were related to the electoral process or caused some public interest. The militia did receive several prank phone calls of possible explosive devises on Pushkinskaya Street. Several people were detained in the Frunze district that tried to assault people at the polling station, as well as the sudden death of an elderly man at a polling station in the Moscow District of Kharkiv.

Now our task is to ensure the delivery of ballots to district election commissions and the Central Election Commission. We are ready, we have Special Forces and mobile teams to respond quickly, "said Anatoly Kuznetsov


It was reported in Kharkiv. Comments on Regional Information Media Center, the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, that the soldiers on active duty were given sufficient time off in order for them to cast their votes. "There were sufficient forces available from the territorial defense battalions to station troops at various locations so that active duty soldiers were given time from serving at the checkpoints, guarding important facilities and other similar occupations. Thus, providing sufficient time for the military personnel to visit their polling stations, "the statement said.


About 13:00 more than a hundred people came to the monument of Lenin to protest against the election of the President, as they considered it unconstitutional. They said that the vote was not legitimate. Activists were chanting "no to elections", "no to fascism," "long live Russia!"

Amongst the crowd of demonstrators were flags of the Russian Association "Borot′ba", "South-East", and flags of the USSR, organdy ribbons and posters, the MG "objective".

About 1700, the activists needed to stop their demonstration because of the heat conditions in Freedom Square and went into the park. It is anticipated that Ukrainian demonstrators will gather outside the walls of the consulate of the Russian Federation around midday to protest against the Russian Activist for trying to stop the Special Elections for President of Ukraine.


Meeting on the bridge over the Lopan River, fans were divided into three separate groups-one group stayed on the bridge and the two other groups were on each side of the river, a countdown was commenced, and after the countdown ended commemorative torches were lit. Approximately 500 people from Kharkov were present to honor the Memory of the Dead. MG "objective".

Although the primary function of the group was to mourn the fallen, they actively chanted slogans against Russian President Putin, and they song "Warriors of Light". In addition, participants of the rally chanted "Heroes never Die" and "The glory of the Heavenly Hundred".

On the bridge over the river Lopan they placed a banner with a quote from Taras Shevchenko: “And will revive the good fame, glory, and the world is clear, not dark but softly shine”. On the bridge and on both sides of the Lopan they also posted a banner for the unity of the country, the flags of Ukraine and our-UPA.

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