Digest of events, 10.05.2014

No Referendum on May 11; Kernes Allocated Money for Treatment of Wounded "Alpha" Lieutenant; Retro Train Started its Run on Victory Day; Shields, Helmets and Molotov cocktails Confiscated in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region

No Referendum on May 11
The referendum in Kharkiv that had been planned by the members of a political movement "South-East" will not be held. The referendum was appointed on May 11 in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk and had to be devoted to the federalization of Ukraine, creating a "South-East autonomy" and giving the Russian language the status of a state official one. According to one of the leaders of "South-East" Yuri Apukhtin, the reason for the cancellation of the referendum is that no agreement had been reached with the movement in Lugansk and Donetsk in "matters of wording."
Shields, Helmets and Molotov cocktails Confiscated in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region
Today, while patrolling Freedom Square, the policemen found a bag with "Molotov cocktails" (about 20 bottles). Yesterday, May 9, at the traffic police post in the town of Valki there was detained a passenger car carrying metal shields and construction helmets (39 shields, and 8 helmets). A 54-year-old car driver from Kiev refused to explain who this specific load was aimed for.
Kernes Allocated Money for Treatment of Wounded "Alpha" Lieutenant
Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes allocated his personal funds (50,000 UAH) for the treatment of 27-year old lieutenant of Special Forces "Alpha" Andrew Reznik, who was seriously wounded during anti-terrorist operation in Slavyansk on May 4. Andrey Reznik was wounded in his chest, abdomen, hip and spine. On May 5, he was taken to a military hospital where underwent two operations. 
Retro Train Started its Run on Victory Day
Yesterday, May 9, on South Railways there was launched a renovated retro locomotive that is working on coal. Its first passengers were veteran railroaders. It took three months to restore the 60-year-old steam locomotive. Now locomotive carries modern cars, but the railway men promise to prepare the appropriate age cars soon. According to the organizers, retro train will be used for excursions.
Источник: Kharkiv Civil Forum
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