Digest of events 16.05.2014

Tsarev bailed out 3 more Kharkiv antimaydan activists; Terrorists attacked the checkpoint near Izum; Second wave of mobilization is expected in Kharkiv; Farewell to Alexander Yakimov; Security Service of Ukraine addresses the residents of region; Second round table on resolving the situation in Ukraine is to be held in Kharkiv; Kharkiv officials supported decentralization.

Tsarev bailed out 3 more Kharkiv antimaydan activists

Oleg Tsarev, MP and the leader of "South-East" bailed out another three activists detained in a special operation in the Kharkiv Regional State Administration on April 8.

Earlier, Tsarev bail out one of the coordinators of the pro-Russian movement in Kharkiv Konstantin Dolgov, suspected of organizing series of arson of ATM "Privat".

Terrorists attacked the checkpoint near Izum

Tonight from the side of Donetsk region terrorists attacked a checkpoint near Izum, where there were the soldiers of the Internal Troops. 2 soldiers got wounded and were taken to a district hospital.

Also, according to preliminary information, one of the attacking terrorists was killed. The rest of the bandits managed to escape. The fact of the attack on the checkpoint has been confirmed in the Ministry of Defense.

In addition, near Slovyansk the pro-Russian activists are strengthening their checkpoint, which blocks the highway that links Slovyansk with Kharkiv. According to Associated Press, the militants are using armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons.

Second wave of mobilization is expected in Kharkiv

In the near future in Kharkiv it is expected the second partial mobilization. And, this time it is planned to conscript 2225 residents of Kharkiv, that is significantly greater than previously. The reason for that is a sharp deterioration of social and political situation in the country, as well as the fact that temporarily there is no conscription in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Mobilization will concern those men, who have satisfactory health status, possess the necessary military specialization and do not have complex family situation.

Those who fail to appear on the agenda of the military enlistment to a recruitment office should expect administrative responsibility. One can face a fine from 85 UAH to 255 UAH, or up to 3 years in prison.

"Criminal cases have been already initiated in Kharkiv region. So far, there are dozens of them, but might be more, "- said the deputy military commissar of Kharkiv regional military commissariat Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Kalgushkin.

According to the Lieutenant Colonel, in June and July it is scheduled a partial demobilization of those mobilized in March and April.

Also, it is being considered the issue of equating conscripts to contract servicemen. If this matter is resolved positively, the conscripts of May, June and July will receive a "paycheck": soldiers - 2400-2800 UAH, sergeants - 3500 UAH, officers - 4000-4500 UAH.

Farewell to Alexander Yakimov

In Kulinichi the farewell was given to paratrooper Alexander Yakimov who was killed in Donetsk region near Kramatorsk during the terrorist attack on the convoy on May 13.

Alexander Yakimov served as a contractor in the 95th airmobile brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zhytomyr. In November, the paratrooper was supposed to end his three-year contract.

Security Service of Ukraine addresses the residents of region

Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region addressed their residents with the appeal to adhere to reasonableness. "Do not give in to provocations. Distinguish the truth from the information that forms the provocative views and leads to discord in society and the escalation of violence", - stressed SSU.

In the department they noted that the Security Service is now working in Kharkiv region in emergency mode. In addition, there is a hotline operating 24 hours - (057) 700-34-50 , where one can report the cases of suspicious persons’ arrival and staying in the region, the facts and intentions of separatist, terrorist, sabotage, intelligence and subversive activities.

Second round table on resolving the situation in Ukraine is to be held in Kharkiv

The second round of the national round table on resolving the situation in Ukraine is to be held at 12:00 on May 17 in Kharkiv.

As known, the first round table on resolving the situation in Ukraine was held on May 14. Then, during the event, the speeches were given by acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk , former Ukrainian presidents Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma , who are appointed as moderators of Ukrainian round table, by the OSCE representative Wolfgang Ischinge, as well as by leaders of the parliamentary factions , mayors and heads of regional state administrations of the eastern regions.

Kharkiv officials supported decentralization

The Government has invited the public to a broad discussion on the changes proposed to the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of local government in order to maximize the decentralization of power.

From Kharkiv region, the meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman and Chief of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Vasily Homa, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Sergey Chernov, acting Mayor of Kharkiv Alexander Novak.

Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services Vladimir Groisman explained that the main idea of decentralization of power is the maximum delegation of authority to the regions and the tools to implement this authority, as well as a clear distinction between the powers of both local governments and the executive authority on the principle of subsidiarity, and determination the mechanisms of responsibility of local government to the voters and to the state.

Regional representatives were generally supportive of the government propositions and made their own, which mainly focused on taxes and fees.

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